Anna Catharina3 Arner (Felix2, Ulrich1), born about 1754 in Whitehall, Northampton (now North Whitehall, Lehigh), Pennsylvania;  married 05 November 1771(3) in Whitehall to Jacob Hunsicker (son of John Hunsicker(3)) who was born about 1745 in Schallbach (Rauweiler), Duchy of Nassau (now in Bas-Rhin, Alsace, France) and died about October 1789 in Heidelberg, Northampton (now Lehigh), Pennsylvania.

[Jacob was the son of Johannes Hunsicker (son of Johann Ulrich Hunsicker and Sarah Diller) who was born 24 August 1722 in Schallbach, died 17 December 1800 in Heidelberg, married 30 April 1743 in Rauweiler to Maria Magdalena Pierson who was born 11 January 1721/22 in Schallbach and died 1771 in Heidelberg. Johannes and Magdalena came to America on the ship Two Brothers which arrived at Philadelphia on 15 September 1748. Biography in Lehigh County History(E); also a biography in History of Heidelberg Church(F). NOTES: Magdalena is sometimes identified as Maria Magdalena Bieri, the daughter of Nicholas Bieri and Barbara Miller who came from Bern, Switzerland on the ship Friendship which arrived at Philadelphia on 16 October 1727 and settled in Lancaster (now York) County. However, this Johannes Hunsicker already had a family when he immigrated. The Johannes Hunsicker who married Maria Magdalena Bieri on 15 May 1750 in York County, Pennsylvania was probably the son of Hartmann and Anna Hunsaker, who came from the Palatinate on the ship Pennsylvania Merchant which arrived at Philadelphia on 10 September 1731 and settled in Lancaster County.]

He is probably the “Jacob Hunsiker” on the muster roll of the 7th (Captain George Smather’s) Company, 6th Battalion, Northampton County Militia on 26 October 1780 (PA:5:8:453)(C). He received land from his father John by a deed dated 26 October 1787(E).

He was survived by his widow and seven children(E). His estate (Northampton Will File #1271), Letters of Administration for Catherine and Johannes Hunsicker filed 02 November 1789. At an Orphans Court held at Easton, Northampton, Pennsylvania on 11 January 1797, his land, then totaling 260 acres, went to his eldest son John(E).

Known children(E), born in Heidelberg:

+    ANNA ELISABETH4 HUNSICKER, born 17 March 1773(14);  married FRANTZ KRUMM.

Johannes4 Hunsicker, born 21 September 1775;  died 10 March 1869 in Lynn, Lehigh, Pennsylvania;  married 09 August 1796 in Heidelberg to Anna Hoffman (daughter of Heinrich and Sarah Ann Hoffman) who was born 16 April 1773 in Pennsylvania and died 24 June 1859 in Heidelberg, Lehigh, Pennsylvania. He was a farmer. 1850 Census: John Hunsicker, page 366, visit 163/166, Heidelberg, Lehigh, Pennsylvania. 1860 Census: John Hunsicker (alone, with son-in-law Jonas Snyder). He is buried at Ebenezer Union Church at New Tripoli, Lehigh, Pennsylvania(E). Known children:

Anna Salome5 Hunsicker, born 05 October 1796;  died 24 April 1875;  married 18 December 1819 to John Hoffman (son of William A. Hoffman and Elizabeth Gerber) who was born 15 October 1790 and died 21 September 1861.

Elizabeth5 Hunsicker, born about 1798;  died about 1870 in Medina County, Ohio;  married to Michael Kuhns who was born about 1801 in Pennsylvania and died 1877 in Medina County.

Heinrich5 Hunsicker, born 04 February 1800;  died 19 January 1843 in Lehigh County;  married to Lydia German (daughter of Philip Jacob German) who was born 08 February 1807 in Heidelberg and died 18 August 1864. Known children:  Lusina? Hunsicker, born 07 March 1827;  Sarah Ann Hunsicker, born 12 May 1828;  Edward Hunsicker, born 14 January 1830, died 01 November 1889, married 25 August 1850 to Catherine Benninger who was 26 April 1829;  Catherine Hunsicker, born 13 April 1832, died 28 July 1891 in Heidelberg, married to John Heil who was born 02 March 1825;  Lydia Hunsicker, born 03 May 1834, died 14 April 1868 in Heidelberg, married to Joseph Handwerk who was born 03 August 1830;  Reuben Hunsicker, born 05 April 1836;  Abbie Hunsicker, born 01 April 1837;  Owen Hunsicker, born 06 April 1838, died 10 February 1924, married to Julianna Handwerk who was born 28 January 1838;  Heinrich Hunsicker, born 06 December 1839.

Maria5 Hunsicker, born 02 May 1802;  died 25 April 1892;  married 09 November 1823 to Jonathan Weaver (son of Henry Weaver and Magdalena Schmidt, and brother of Solomon, below) who was born 16 November 1796 in Pennsylvania and died 28 May 1876 in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania.

Lydia5 Hunsicker, born 09 November 1805;  died 24 October 1875;  married 05 December 1824 to Jonathan (aka Jonas) Snyder (son of Johannes Schneider and Maria B. Kistler) who was born 16 November 1806 in Pennsylvania and died 23 May 1871. 1850 Census: Jonas Snyder, page 367, visit 167/170, Heidelberg, Lehigh, Pennsylvania. 1860 Census: Jonas Schneider, page 147, visit 1609/740, Heidelberg, Lehigh, Pennsylvania. Known children:  Levi Snyder, born about 1828;  Sabina Snyder, born about 1830?, married about 1847 to Nathan K. Druckenmiller who was born about 1820 in Pennsylvania;  Polly Snyder, born about 1832;  David Snyder, born about 1834;  Elias Snyder, born about 1840;  Reuben Snyder, born about 1844.

Anna Catharina5 Hunsicker, born 19 January 1808;  died 31 January 1883 in Beaver, Mahoning, Ohio;  married to Solomon Weaver (son of Henry Weaver and Magdalena Schmidt, and brother of Jonathan, above) who was born 11 April 1805 in Lynn, Lehigh, Pennsylvania and died 12 September 1877 in Springfield, Mahoning, Ohio. He was a farmer. 1850 Census: Solomon Weaver, page 486, visit 470/470, Canfield, Mahoning, Ohio. 1860 Census: Solomon Weaver, page 266, visit 089/093, Canfield, Mahoning, Ohio. 1870 Census: Solomon Weaver, page 112, visit 005/005, German, Marshall, Indiana. Known children:  Polly Weaver, born about 1831 in Pennsylvania, died 1909 in Beaver;  Jonathan Weaver, born 30 October 1832 in Lynn Township, died 12 January 1918 in Highland, Harvey, Kansas, married to Elizabeth Vollnagle (daughter of Johannes Vollnagle and Susanna Conkle) who was born 31 July 1835 in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania and died 19 July 1915 in Harvey County, he was a carpenter, 1860 Census: Jonathan Weaver, page 266, visit 092/096, Canfield, Mahoning, Ohio, they had six children, known children: Henry V. Weaver born about 1858 in Ohio, Jeremiah A?. Weaver born about January 1860 in Ohio and died young, and Mary Elizabeth Weaver possibly born in Indiana;  Solomon Weaver, born 10 November 1834 in Pennsylvania, died 18 March 1913 in German, possibly married to Susanna Lynn who was born about 1842 in Ohio;  Anna Weaver, born 24 November 1836 in Ohio, died 27 September 1912 in German;  John Weaver, born 23 December 1838 in Ohio, died 11 May 1894 in Springfield, married 02 June 1859 in Pennsylvania to Rebecca Mentzer (daughter of George Mentzer and Anna Nancy Raub, and sister of Ferdinand, below) who was born 15 March 1840 in Beaver, Columbiana, Ohio and died 15 March 1911 in  Beaver, Mahoning, Ohio, they may have had as many as fourteen children;  Catharine Weaver, born 22 April 1841 in Ohio, died 31 March 1916 in Mahoning County, married about 1858 to Ferdinand Mentzer (son of George Mentzer and Anna Nancy Raub) who was born 17 Aug 1838 in North Lima, Mahoning, Ohio and died 31 August 1907 in Mahoning County;  Lydia Weaver, born about 1842, died about 1850;  Mary Jane Weaver, born about 1847 in Ohio, died 1877;  Susan E. Weaver, born about 1854 in Ohio, died about 1870 in Mahoning County.

Magdalena5 Hunsicker, born 26 February 1811;  died 26 February 1883;  married 26 October 1834 to David Snyder (son of Peter Schneider and Anna C. Kistler) who was born 29 January 1813 in Pennsylvania and died 16 June 1886.

Susanna4 Hunsicker, born about 1777;  married to Conrad Roeder who was born 22 February 1771 in Heidelberg and died 04 October 1853.

Maria Barbara4 Hunsicker, born about 1778;  married 22 May 1798(8) in Heidelberg to Daniel Schneider who was born 01 February 1766 in Pennsylvania. They moved to Union County, Pennsylvania.

Jacob4 Hunsicker, born about 1780;  married first about 1812 to Elizabeth ______ who was born about 1791 in Pennsylvania and died 10 September 1813 in North Whitehall, Lehigh, Pennsylvania;  married second about 1815 to Margaret ______ who was born 29 May 1783 in Pennsylvania and died 26 December 1852. Known child with first wife:

Heinrich5 Hunsicker, born and died 10 September 1813.

Known child with second wife:

John5 Hunsicker, born 30 June 1816;  died 13 May 1880;  married first to Sarah Heimbach who died 1874;  married second to Caroline Lynn who was born 18 May 1818 in Pennsylvania and died 03 October 1899. Known children with first wife:  William H. Hunsicker, born 25 November 1841, died 27 August 1903, married 18 June 1865 to Sabina H. Mohry who was born 19 February 1849 and died 29 December 1906, they moved to Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania;  Joseph Hunsicker, born about 1844.

Maria Magdalena4 Hunsicker, born 12 May 1781(14);  died 07 January 1852(14);  married to Andreas Kunkel who was born 20 April 1781(14) and died 26 August 1848(14). 1850 Census: Magdaline Kunkle (alone, with Joseph and Catherine German), page 382, visit 149/156, Washington, Lehigh, Pennsylvania. They are buried at Heidelberg Church in Heidelberg, Lehigh, Pennsylvania.

Peter4 Hunsicker, born about 1782;  married to Susanna Bachman. Known children, born in Lehigh County:  Veronica Hunsicker, born 11 February 1821 in Heidelberg, married Tilghman Semmel;  Joseph Hunsicker, born 21 July 1826, married Juliana Correll.

Anna Maria4 Hunsicker, born 15 November 1783;  died 01 March 1875 in Union County, Pennsylvania;  married 24 June 1804 in Northampton (now Lehigh) County, Pennsylvania to Abraham Knerr (son of Johannes Knerr and Maria Catharina Hartman) who was born 07 October 1781 in Weisenberg, Northampton (now Lehigh), Pennsylvania and died 04 August 1854 in North Liberty, Knox, Ohio. 1850 Census: Mary Knorr (alone, with son John). 1860 Census: Mary Knerr [occupation: “widow”], page 771, visit 177/165, Hartley, Union, Pennsylvania. 1870 Census: Mary Knarr (alone, with son John). Known children, born in Pennsylvania:

Mary A.5 Knerr, born 08 May 1805;  died 10 February 1861 in Cedar County, Iowa;  married about 1826 in Union County to John Highly who was born about 1799 in Pennsylvania. He was a farmer. 1860 Census: John Higley, page 088, visit 611/613, Rochester, Cedar, Iowa [also William B. Highly age 1]. Known children, born in Pennsylvania:  Thomas Highly, born 05 May 1825, died 19 December 1915, married September 1864 to Catherine Roeser;  Eliza Highly, born 04 July 1829, died 24 April 1904, 1860 Census: (single, with parents);  Margaret Highly, born about 1834;  Robert Highly, born about 1839.

Elizabeth5 Knerr, born 19 December 1806;  died 08 May 1902 at Muscatine, Muscatine, Iowa;  married to John Kester. 1900 Census: Eliza Kester (widow, “aunt” with M____? A. Harrington), page 170, visit 365/423, Muscatine (3rd Ward), Muscatine, Iowa.

Amos5 Knerr, born 24 February 1810;  died 02 January 1887 in Knox County, Ohio;  married about 1835 to Catherine Snyder who was born about 1815 in Union County, Pennsylvania. He was a farmer. 1860 Census: Amos Keren?, page 250, visit 364/370, Pike, Knox, Ohio. 1870 Census: Amos Knerr, page 481, visit 146/146, Pike, Knox, Ohio. 1880 Census: Amos Knerr, page 138, visit 074/077, Pike, Knox, Ohio. Known children, born in Ohio:  Eliza Ann Knerr, born about November 1835, 1880 Census: (single, with parents);  Sarah Knerr, born about 1837;  John D. Knerr, born 15 May 1839;  Mary Knerr, born about 1841, married Rufus W. Rowley;  Harry Knerr, born about 1844;  William Henry Knerr, born about 1847, married to Julia Ann ______ who was born about 1848 in Pennsylvania, he was a farmer, 1880 Census: William H. Knerr, page 138, visit 071/074, Pike, Knox, Ohio;  Abraham Knerr, born about 1851;  Sophrona Knerr, born about August 1854, 1880 Census: (single, with parents);  Amanda E. Knerr, born about 1857, 1880 Census: (single, with parents);  Alice Knerr, born about January 1860, 1880 Census: (single, with parents).

Joshua5 Knerr, born 14 April 1812;  died 11 January 1891 in Union County, Pennsylvania;  married to Margaret Highlands who was born about 1812 in Pennsylvania. He was a shoemaker. 1850 Census: Joshua Knorr, page 175, visit 167/167, Hartley, Union, Pennsylvania. 1860 Census: Joshua Knerr, page 771, visit 180/168, Hartley, Union, Pennsylvania. 1870 Census: Joshua Knarr, page 553, visit 071/071, Hartley, Union, Pennsylvania. 1880 Census: Joshua Knerr, page 621, visit 276/293, Hartley, Union, Pennsylvania. Known children:  Harrison Christian Knerr, born about May 1835;  Hannah Knerr, born about 1838;  William Knerr, born about 1839;  Levi F. Knerr, born about 1841, possibly died young;  Daniel Knerr, born about March 1844;  Mary Ellen Knerr, born about November 1849;  Morgan Knerr, born about July 1853, 1870 Census: Morgan Knarr (with uncle John Knerr, below);  Jasper D. Knerr, born 30 November 1855.

Hannah5 Knerr, born 03 June 1814;  died 17 October 1846 in Juniata County, Pennsylvania;  married to Jacob M. Roush. Known children:  Henry Roush, born 28 July 1833;  Eliza Roush, born about 1835;  Mary Roush, born about 1837;  Anna Roush, born about 1839;  Joseph Roush, born about 1841;  Amelia Roush, born 06 December 1843.

Caroline5 Knerr, born about 1816;  died in infancy.

John Knerr, born 14 March 1820;  died 19 December 1890 in Union County;  married by 1850 to Mary Braucher who was born 28 July 1824 in Pennsylvania and died 11 March 1900 in Union County. He was a carpet weaver; later a farmer. 1850 Census: John Knorr, page 176, visit 168/168, Hartley, Union, Pennsylvania. 1860 Census: John Knerr, page 771, visit 176/164, Hartley, Union, Pennsylvania. 1870 Census: John Knarr, page 562, visit 212/213, Hartley, Union, Pennsylvania. 1880 Census: John Knerr, page 621, visit 266/283, Hartley, Union, Pennsylvania. Known child:  Abigail Louisa Knerr, born 14 November 1861, died 01 May 1893.

Henry Knerr, born 08 June 1823.

Daniel5 Knarr, born 11 March 1829;  married 02 September 1855 in Ohio to Lucinda Ault who was born about 1840 in Ohio. He was a farmer. 1860 Census: Daniel Knarr, page 531, visit 155/155, Union, Fulton, Indiana [also John Kester born about 1803 in Pennsylvania]. Known children:  Malinda Ellen Knarr, born 02 June 1856 in Ohio;  Thomas Highly Knarr, born 04 July 1858 in Ohio;  Jerome Franklin Knarr, born 09 August 1860 in Indiana;  John Henry Knarr, born 18 September 1863 in Indiana.

Franklin5 Knarr, born 10 July 1831;  died 23 March 1913 in Centre County, Pennsylvania;  married to Sarah J. Adams. Known children:  Elmer Ellsworth Knarr, born 04 November 1862;  Seward Asbury Knarr, born about 1859;  Henry Slicer Knarr, born about 1861.

(Daughter)4, born 16 July 1785;  died 22 February 1793 in Heidelberg.

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