John Charles4 Rittenhouse (Salome3 Arner, felix2, Ulrich1), born 17 December 1796(3) in Heidelberg, Northampton, Pennsylvania and christened 12 February 1797 (Sponsors: John Raunckel and wife Margaret)(3); died 12 September 1832 in Sugarloaf, Luzerne, Pennsylvania; married 1820 in Sugarloaf to Regina Rachel Wenner (daughter of Christian Wenner(J) and Maria Barbara Shibe) who was born 23 April 1803 in Nescopeck (now Sugarloaf), Luzerne, Pennsylvania and died 30 December 1885 in Luzerne County.

Biography in Luzerne County History(J).

[She was married second to Reuben Kepp who was born about 1817? in Pennsylvania and apparently died before the 1870 census, and had at least two more children. Reuben was a shoemaker and a farmer. 1850 Census: Reuben Kepp, page 1012, visit ---/003, Sugarloaf, Luzerne, Pennsylvania. 1860 Census: Reuben Kepp, page 886, visit 1960/1946, Sugarloaf, Luzerne, Pennsylvania. 1870 Census: Rachel Kepp (alone), page 462, visit 116/116, Sugarloaf, Luzerne, Pennsylvania. 1880 Census: Racheal Cepp (widow, with her son-in-law Monroe Rape), page 570, visit 277/278, Drifton village, Luzerne, Pennsylvania.]

Known children(J), born in Sugarloaf:

Joseph5 Rittenhouse, born 31 August 1822; died 04 August 1896 at Hazleton, Luzerne, Pennsylvania (Hazleton Daily Standard, issue of 05 August 1896); married 10 September 1844 in Sugarloaf to Fianna Smith (daughter of Michael Smith and Mary Ann Rupert) who was born 05 September 1826 and died 02 June 1883 in Sugarloaf. He was a master carpenter; later he owned a dry goods store. 1860 Census: Joseph Rittenhouse, page 879, visit 1904/1890, Sugarloaf, Luzerne, Pennsylvania. 1870 Census: Joseph Rittenhouse, page 689, visit 071/080, Hazleton (West Ward), Luzerne, Pennsylvania. They are buried at Union Cemetery at Conyngham, Luzerne, Pennsylvania. Known children: Mary Ann Rittenhouse, born about 1846, died 1893 in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, married first to Lafayette Carpenter who was born about 1848 and died 1886, married second to William Eisenhart; Elias Franklin Rittenhouse, born about 1849, died 1850; Caroline Margaret Rittenhouse, born 14 December 1850, died 14 December 1854; Selinda Adaline Rittenhouse, born about 1853, died 1934 at Hazleton, Luzerne, Pennsylvania, married to Richard Williams who was born about 1842 and died 1914 at Hazleton; Charles Rittenhouse, born 11 April and died 19 April 1855; Adam Alfred Rittenhouse, born 07 May 1856, died 30 October 1858; John Wilson Rittenhouse, born about October 1859, died 1943 at Scranton, Lackawanna, Pennsylvania, married first about 1880 to Celia Monahan who was born about 1862, moved to Scranton, Lackawanna, Pennsylvania; Levi Alonzo Rittenhouse, born 09 November 1862, died 01 October 1863; Joseph Michael Rittenhouse, born about 1864, died 03 November 1916 at Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Hazleton Daily Standard, issue of 04 November 1916), married first to Gertrude Monahan, married second to Mary Anderson; Fianna Catherine Rittenhouse, born about 1866, died 1948 at Hazleton, married to John C. Gilfert who was born about 1859 in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania and died 1938 at Hazleton.

+ John5 Rittenhouse, born 21 May 1824(J); married Sarah M.5 Houseknecht(K). [NOTE: Descendants are on her page.]

Charles William5 Rittenhouse, born about 1826; died 12 December 1863 in Virginia; married 1851 to Caroline Mowery who was born about 1827 in Pennsylvania. He served in Company I, 143rd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment during the Civil War. He was taken prisoner 01 July 1863 during the Battle of Gettysburg and died in a Confederate prison camp. 1860 Census: Charles Rittenhouse, page 878, visit 1898/1884, Sugarloaf, Luzerne, Pennsylvania. Known child: Mary Lucinda Rittenhouse, born 22 May 1858, married 18 December 1879 to William Heintzelmann.

Elizabeth5 Rittenhouse, born about 1827; died 01 May 1897 at Hazleton, Luzerne, Pennsylvania (Hazleton Daily Standard, issue of 03 May 1897); married after the 1850 census to Jacob Eroh who was born 15 August 1827 in Hollenbach, Luzerne, Pennsylvania and died 30 January 1905 at Hazleton. He was a master carpenter. 1850 Census: Betsy Kepp (with step-father Reuben Kepp). 1860 Census: Jacob Ehro, page 320, visit 1960/1838, Dorrance, Luzerne, Pennsylvania. 1870 Census: Jacob Eroh, page 690, visit 086/103, Hazleton (West Ward), Luzerne, Pennsylvania. 1880 Census: Jacob Eroh, page 352, visit 181/200, Butler, Luzerne, Pennsylvania. 1900 Census: Jacob Eroh (widower), page 033, visit 256/260, Hazleton (10th Ward), Luzerne, Pennsylvania. Known children: Charles Eroh, born about 1852, died 27 June 1916 at Allentown, Lehigh, Pennsylvania, married to Helen Ringleben who was born about 1856; Reuben Eroh, born about 1854; Sarah Ann Eroh, twin, born about 1856, died 1943, married 07 August 1880 in Sugarloaf to Christian Gliem; Wilson Eroh, twin, born about 1856, died 26 March 1916 at Hazleton (Hazleton Daily Standard, issue of 27 March 1916), married Anna Martin; Regina Rachel Eroh, born about 1858, died 1932, married William Ferman; Franklin Samuel Eroh, born about 1859, married Mary Anna Dubbs; Maria Eroh, born about 1862, died 10 June 1917 at Hazleton (Hazleton Daily Standard, issue of 11 June 1917), married 17 September 1881 in Sugarloaf to Josiah Snyder; Jacob Ellmar Eroh, born 14 September 1963, died 17 March 1865; Mary Jane Eroh, born about 1867, died 25 October 1948, married Augustus Heckrote; John E. Eroh, born 25 January 1869, died 23 May 1913 (Hazleton Daily Standard, issue of 24 May 1913), married Emma J. Shellhamer; Ida M. Eroh, born about August 1870, married after the 1900 census to John Eroh, they moved to California; Christine Adora Eroh, born 31 August 1872, died 31 October 1941 at Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania, married after the 1900 census to William Williams.

Maria5 Rittenhouse, born 28 October 1828; died March 1872 in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania; married to James B. Kester(J) (son of Conrad and Maria Kester) who was born 10 April 1824 and died 29 July 1907 in Schuylkill County. He was a carpenter and a farmer. 1870 Census: James Kester, page 191, visit 182/189, Union, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania. 1880 Census: James B. Kester (widower), page 191, visit 053/054, Union, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania. Known children: Rachel Kester, born about 1850, died 1892, married Jacob Farnsworth; Jeremiah Kester, born about 1852, died 1921, married Margaret Williams; Samuel Kester, born about 1855, died 1914, married Henrietta Bitting; Milton Kester, born about 1859, died 1927, married to Rebecca Kester who was born about 1858 in Pennsylvania and died 1926; John Wesley Kester, born about 1863, died 1922, married Adda Miller; Edith E. Kester, born about 1868, died 1947, married Thomas Judd.

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