Thomas C.5 Arner (William4, William3, Felix2, Ulrich1), born 10 November 1833(14) in West Penn, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania;  died 16 August 1908(14) at Hauto, Carbon, Pennsylvania (from widow’s pension application);  married 07 February 1858(21)(also from both pension applications) at Tamaqua, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania to Emma Jenkins (daughter of John Jenkins and Mary Jane Jones) who was born 19 September 1836(14) in Wales, Great Britain and died 07 August 1915(14).

He was a carpenter, and a furniture builder. Civil War service: wagoner in Company H, 11th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment. He applied for an invalid pension, Application filed 16 August 1890 in Pennsylvania. Emma applied for a widow’s pension, Application filed 26 October 1908 in Pennsylvania.

1860 Census: Thomas Arner, page 201, visit 1597/0178, Mauch Chunk, Carbon, Pennsylvania.

1870 Census: Thomas Arner, page 225, visit 314/320, Mauch Chunk, Carbon, Pennsylvania.

1880 Census: Thomas Orner, page 316, visit 014/014, Hauto village, Carbon, Pennsylvania.

1890 Veterans Census: Thonmas? Arner, page 002, visit 325/325, Mauch Chunk Township, Carbon, Pennsylvania.

1900 Census: Thomas Arner, page 084, visit 404/407, Hauto village, Carbon, Pennsylvania.

1910 Census: Emma Arner (widow, with son-in-law John Fetzer), page 214, visit 123/123, Summit Hill (2nd Ward), Carbon, Pennsylvania.

They are buried at GAR Cemetery at Summit Hill, Carbon, Pennsylvania, (their gravestone). They had thirteen children, seven of whom died before the 1900 census.

Known children, some probably not in correct birth order:

William6 Arner(M), died aged 09 weeks.

Ellsworth6 Arner, born 25 August 1861 (from father’s pension application);  died 14 August 1919 at Coaldale, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania (Schuylkill County Will Index);  married to Mary Foley who was born about May 1862. He was a coal miner. 1900 Census: Elsworth Arner, page 084, visit 401/404, Hauto village, Carbon, Pennsylvania. 1920 Census: Mrs. Elworth Arner (widow), page 040, visit 435/451, Coaldale (Middle Ward), Schuylkill, Pennsylvania. His will (Schuylkill Will Book 23, page 040), which was signed 23 May 1919 and probated 27 August 1919, mentions wife Mary. Known children, most or all born in Carbon County:

Emma7 Arner, born about February 1888.

James Ellsworth7 Arner, born 16 October 1892(17) at Hauto(49)(but WWI draft registration says 1893(40) and WWII draft registration says “1885”!!(49)  );  died 30 June 1964(17)(also Schuylkill County Will Index);  married 1920 after the census to Helen McNealis (daughter of Cornelius and Sarah McNealis) who was born about 1899 in Pennsylvania and died February 1963. [NOTE: However, his WWII draft registration also says age 47(49)(as of 27 April 1942) which would figure out to a birthdate in 1894-95, so obviously the math is wrong on that one.] He was a coal miner; later (in 1942) he was working for the WPA at Coaldale(49). 1930 Census: James Arner, page 034, visit 138/146, Coaldale (Middle Ward), Schuylkill, Pennsylvania. They had fourteen children. [Info from descendant Georgiann (Gates) Kebbell.] Known children, born at Coaldale:  James J. Arner, born 04 March 1921(17), died 08 April 2000 at Lansford, Carbon, Pennsylvania(17), married to Helen Nothstein (daughter of Joseph Nothstein and Lucy Miller) who was born 09 August 1919(17) in Carbon County and died 28 September 2002 at Lansford(17), he was a WWII veteran (Army SN: 33186691);  Bernard L. Arner, born 03 July 1922(17), died 18 March 2004(17) at Pottsville, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania, married to Alice M. Olesky who was born 15 June 1920(17) and died 15 May 2003(17), he was a WWII veteran (Army SN: 33370353);  Helen Arner, born about 1923, married Harry Gates, he was a WWII veteran (U.S. Navy), they moved to New Jersey;  Sarah Arner, born about 1924, died 2009, married 1945 to (Corporal) Jack Terry (son of John Terry) of Lansford, he was a WWII veteran, they moved to South Carolina;  Russell Arner, born 20 March 1926(17), died 07 November 2000 at Middletown, Monmouth, New Jersey(17), married Josephine Sala, he was a WWII veteran (U.S. Navy);  Charles Arner, born 06 June 1928(17), died January 1985(17) possibly at Tamaqua, married Dorothy ______;  John V. Arner, born 07 April 1929(17), died 20 January 1999 at Lansford, Carbon, Pennsylvania(17), married Margie Chaballa;  Francis C. Arner, born 13 April 1930(17), died 29 April 2004 at Tamaqua, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania(17), married Gladys Smith (daughter of Charles Smith and Alice Sterner);  Joseph S. Arner, born 08 April 1931(17), died 12 March 2005(17) at Coaldale (Lehighton Times-News, issue of 14 March 2005), married Sylvia J. Tracy, he was a Korean War veteran (U.S. Army), he is buried at St. Jerome Roman Catholic Cemetery at Tamaqua;  Lawrence R. Arner, born 03 April 1932(17), died 15 September 2004 at Tamaqua(17), married to Eleanor M. Woodward who was born 1928, he was a Korean War veteran, they had at least four children, he is buried at Sky View Memorial Park Cemetery (Rest Haven Lawn Section) at Hometown, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania;  Robert Arner, married Patricia ______, they moved to Delaware;  Mary Theresa Arner, married Robert Ciavaglia who died ; Patricia Arner, born 27 April 1937(17), died 11 July 2008 at Tamaqua, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania (17), married Peter Trudich, possibly later divorced, and had one child;  William Arner, married Faith ______, they moved to Tamaqua.

Edward James7 Arner, born 27 August 1897(17)(40);  died August 1963 in Pennsylvania(17);  married after the 1930 census to Mary Minnich. He was a coal miner. He registered for the WWI draft at Coaldale. 1930 Census: Edward Arner (single, with brother Russell, just below). They had five sons.

Russell Francis7 Arner, born 28 May 1900(40);  married 1929-30 to Mary Revtyak (daughter of Michal and Julia Revták) who was born about 1903 in Pennsylvania. He was a coal miner. He registered for the WWI draft at Coaldale. 1930 Census: Russell Arner, page 049, visit 389/405, Coaldale (Middle Ward), Schuylkill, Pennsylvania. They had no children.

Joseph7 Arner, born 06 January and died 03 October 1906.

William John6 Arner, born 31 March 1864(28) or 25 March 1865 (from father’s pension application);  possibly died about the time of the 1910 census;  married 12 May 1887 in Carbon County (Book 1, page 135) to Bertha Wendell who was born 25 March 1866(28) in Sweden. 1900 Census: William J. Armer, page 085, visit 428/431, Hauto village, Carbon, Pennsylvania. 1910 Census: Bertha Arner (married but alone, and two children, housekeeper with John Eisleid, widower), page 161, visit 002/002, Mauch Chunk, Carbon, Pennsylvania. [She was married second to John Eisleid.] Known children:

Gertrude7 Arner, born about January 1890.

Ruth7 Arner, born about May 1893.

Mabel7 Arner, born about September 1896.

Charles7 Arner, born about 1902.

Mary Jane6 Arner, born 05 October 1866 (from father’s pension application);  married 31 March 1883(35) to Abraham J. Snyder who was born about July 1860 in Pennsylvania. 1900 Census: Abraham Snyder, page 084, visit 408/411, Mauch Chunk, Carbon, Pennsylvania. Known children:  Abraham John Snyder, born 30 October 1886 at Hauto(40), he was a machinist(40);  Thomas Edward Snyder, born 31 January 1889 at Hauto(40);  Ida May Snyder, born about December 1890;  Dolitha Snyder, born about May 1893;  Alice Snyder, born about March 1895;  Cora Snyder, born about December 1896;  Ellen Snyder.

Thomas6 Arner, born 06 November 1868(28)(14a)(although his father’s pension application says 1869);  died 22 July 1917(14a) at Lansford, Carbon, Pennsylvania;  married 02 April 1892 in Carbon County (Book 2, page 214) to Bertha McDonald (daughter of John S. McDonald and Mary Rood) who was born 07 December 1867(28) at Plymouth, Luzerne, Pennsylvania and died 1933(14a). [Her ancestry is on page 111, Genealogy of Josiah Munroe, Guilford Smith Northrup, privately published, St. Johns, Michigan, 1912.] 1900 Census: Thomas Arner, page 189, visit 001/001, Luzerne borough, Luzerne, Pennsylvania. 1920 Census: Bertha Arner (widow), page 063, visit 303/307, Lansford (East Ward), Carbon, Pennsylvania. 1930 Census: Bertha Arner, page 191, visit 365/354, Lansford (East Ward), Carbon, Pennsylvania. They are buried at GAR Cemetery at Summit Hill. Known children, first three born at Luzerne:

John Thomas7 Arner, born 25 December 1893;  died 18 July 1894.

Russell Elwood7 Arner, born 08 March 1895(17)(40)(49);  died 01 July 1962(17)(also Schuylkill County Will Index);  married 03 April 1918(N) to Pauline R. Wertz (possibly daughter of Charles and Ida Wertz) who was born about 1898 in Pennsylvania. He was a motorman, later he was an electrician, at a coal mine. He served in Company B, 8th Infantry Regiment during the Mexican Border Campaign of 1916-17. He registered for the WWI Draft in Carbon County. 1920 Census: Russel Arner, page 099, visit 021/025, Tamaqua (South Ward), Schuylkill, Pennsylvania. 1930 Census: Russell Arner, page 113, visit 185/212, Tamaqua (South Ward), Schuylkill, Pennsylvania. No children with them in 1920 or 1930.

Raymond Harold7 Arner, born 11 February 1900(14)(40);  died 29 October 1954(14);  married 05 September 1922(N) to Elsie V. Lynn (daughter of George and May Lynn, both born in England) who was born 06 February 1898(14)(17) at Dorranceton, Luzerne, Pennsylvania and died 15 June 1976(14) at Tamaqua, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania(17). He was a barber. He registered for the WWI Draft in Carbon County. 1930 Census: Raymond Arner, page 049, visit 095/096, Moosic (1st Ward), Lackawanna, Pennsylvania. They are buried at Sky View Cemetery (Sky Lawn Section, row 24) at Hometown, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania. Known children:  Marilynn Arner, born about 1923;  (Lieutenant) Raymond Thomas Arner, born 09 September 1931(14)(17), died 08 March 1968(14)(17), married to Betsey Jane ______ who was born 18 December 1935(14)(17) and died 30 March 1988(14) at Lansdale, Montgomery, Pennsylvania(17), he was a Korean War veteran (U.S. Navy)(14), they are buried next to his parents.

Hugh Reber7 Arner, born 16 October 1903(17);  died October 1969 at Lansford(17);  married after the 1930 census to Josephine Krunglevich (daughter of William and Anna Krunglevich, both born in Lithuania) who was born 24 December 1913(17) in Pennsylvania and died 03 January 1992(17). He was a coal miner. 1930 Census: (with mother).

Mary Santee7 Arner, born 19 November 1907.

Fianna6 Arner(N), died aged 01 year.

Dolitha6 Arner(N), died young.

George6 Arner(N), died young.

Tilghman6 Arner(N), died young.

Susanna6 Arner, born 26 September 1877 (from father’s pension application);  married 22 June 1893 in Carbon County (Book 2, page 339) to John L. Fetzer (son of Henry and Susan Fetzer, both born in Bavaria, Germany) who was born 14 July 1870(28)[but all of the censuses indicate he might have been born 1869 instead] at Tamaqua, Luzerne, Pennsylvania. He was a stable boss; later he was a coal miner. 1900 Census: John Fetzer, page 210, visit 260/268, Summit Hill (4th Ward), Carbon, Pennsylvania. 1910 Census: John Fetzer, page 214, visit 123/123, Summit Hill (2nd Ward), Carbon, Pennsylvania. 1920 Census: John Fetzer, page 227, visit 153/160, Summit Hill (3rd Ward), Carbon, Pennsylvania. 1930 Census: John Fetzer, page 129, visit 327/334, Summit Hill (3rd Ward), Carbon, Pennsylvania. [They had one other child who died before the 1900 census.] Known children:

Clarence7 Fetzer, born about April 1896;  apparently died before the 1910 census.

Charles I.7 Fetzer, born about 1901;  married 1921-22 to Selene? A. ______ who was born about 1902 in Pennsylvania. He was a coal miner. 1930 Census: Charles I. Fetzer, page 129, visit 325/331, Summit Hill (3rd Ward), Carbon, Pennsylvania. Known children:  Jean E. Fetzer, born about 1922;  Barbara J. Fetzer, born about February 1929.

Emily A.7 Fetzer, born about 1903.

Ann6 Arner, born about 1878;  died young(M).

Henry6 Arner, born about March 1880;  died young(M).

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