Louisa5 Arner (William4, William3, Felix2, Ulrich1), born about July 1851 in West Penn, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania;  married 06 October 1867(29)(30) in Carbon County, Pennsylvania to William G. Ruch who was born about January 1847 in Pennsylvania, apparently later divorced.

1880 Census: William Ruch, page 459, visit 084/100, East Penn, Carbon, Pennsylvania.

1900 Census: William Ruch (married but alone, and 2 children), page 142, visit 122/136, East Penn, Carbon, Pennsylvania.

Also 1900 Census: Louisa Ruch (married but alone, with Dennis Rex), page 142, visit 129/143, East Penn, Carbon, Pennsylvania.

1910 Census: William Ruch Sr (divorced), page 107, visit 061/064, East Penn, Carbon, Pennsylvania.

Also 1910 Census: Louisa Ruch (“widow”, with Aaron Dreisbach), page 080, visit 162/187, Mahoning, Carbon, Pennsylvania.

Known children, daughter Mary probably not in correct birth order:

Emaline6 Ruch, born about June 1869;  died 05 March 1944 at Slatedale, Lehigh, Pennsylvania(S);  married first 1884-85 to Milton Miller who was born 19 December 1865, later divorced;  married second after the 1910 census to Charles Green(S) who was born about 1877 in Pennsylvania. [Some info from descendant Carole Miller.] Milton was a coal miner. 1900 Census: Milton Miller, page 094, visit 066/066, Bloomingdale Election District, Carbon, Pennsylvania. 1910 Census: Emma E. Miller (divorced), sheet 07A, visit 115/124, Washington, Lehigh, Pennsylvania [also Charles E. Green, single, boarder]. Charles was a foreman at a slate quarry. 1920 Census: Charles Green, page 136, visit 006/006, Washington, Lehigh, Pennsylvania. 1930 Census: Charles S. Green, page 122, visit 059/060, Washington, Lehigh, Pennsylvania. Children with first husband:

Calvin7 Miller, born about November 1886;  apparently died before the 1910 census.

Leroy Stanley7 Miller, born 06 November 1888(40);  married 1913-14 to Daisy S. ______ who was born about 1894 in Pennsylvania. He worked at a slate factory. 1920 Census: Leroy S. Miller, page 136, visit 007/007, Washington, Lehigh, Pennsylvania. 1930 Census: LeRoy F. Miller, page 122, visit 060/061, Washington, Lehigh, Pennsylvania. Known child:  Lester D. Miller, born about 1914.

Robert7 Miller, born about September 1890;  apparently died before the 1910 census.

Raymond Frederick7 Miller, born 22 August 1895(40);  married 1918-19 to Lilly T. ______ who was born about 1902 in Pennsylvania. He worked at a zinc works. 1920 Census: Ray F. Miller (with his step-father Charles Green). 1930 Census: Ray F. Miller, page 122, visit 069/071, Washington, Lehigh, Pennsylvania. Known children:  Luther F. Miller, born about March 1919;  Carl R. Miller, born about 1927.

Louisa6 Ruch, born about 1871;  married to [?Harrison] Kingcaid(S).

Charles Franklin6 Ruch, born 14 December 1872(29)(40) and christened 04 May 1873 (Sponsor: Catherine Ruch)(29);  married 1892-93 to Sallie J. ______ who was born about January 1877 in Pennsylvania. He was a teamster; later a house carpenter. He registered for the WWI Draft in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. 1900 Census: Charles Ruch, page 200, visit 065/066, Summit Hill (3rd Ward), Carbon, Pennsylvania. 1910 Census: Charles F. Ruch, page 226, visit 176/215, Summit Hill (3rd Ward), Carbon, Pennsylvania. 1920 Census: Charles Ruch (with Harry Knepper), page 231, visit 152/211, West Penn, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania. Children:  Estella L. Ruch, born about October 1893, married 1909-10 to ______ Lusk?, 1910 Census: Stella L. Lusk? (married but alone, with parents);  Edgar J. Ruch, born about July 1899, [not with parents in 1920].

Alice6 Ruch, born about 1875;  possibly died young.

EllA M.6 Ruch, born about February 1877;  died 30 November 1950 at Allentown, Lehigh, Pennsylvania(S);  married 1897-98 to Harry C. Huber(S) who was born about 1874 in Pennsylvania. He was a bartender at a hotel. 1900 Census: Harry C. Huber, page 165, visit 163/181, Allentown (E.D. 062), Lehigh, Pennsylvania. 1910 Census: Harry C. Huber, page 144, visit 036/038, Allentown (E.D. 156), Lehigh, Pennsylvania. Known child:  Bertha E. M. Huber, born about October 1898.

Ida M.6 Ruch, born about October 1879;  married 1900-01 to Charles W. Christ(S) who was born about 1871 in Pennsylvania. He was a loom fixer at a silk mill. 1900 Census: Ida Ruch (single, with brother-in-law Harry Huber, just above). 1910 Census: Charles Christ, sheet 12A, visit 245/250, Slatington (2nd Ward), Lehigh, Pennsylvania. 1920 Census: Charles W. Crist, page 022, visit 127/128, Slatington (2nd Ward), Lehigh, Pennsylvania. Known children:  Beatrice M. Christ, born about 1902;  Mildred Christ, born about 1907, [not with parents in 1920].

Adda Sibilla6 Ruch, born 09 March and christened 25 November 1882 (Sponsors: parents)(29);  married after the 1900 census to George A. Caskie(S) who was born 11 March 1877(40) in Pennsylvania. He was a roofer(40). He registered for the WWI Draft at McKeesport, Allegheny, Pennsylvania. 1900 Census: Ada S. Ruch (single, with Alvin Kern), page 205, visit 185/190, Slatington borough, Lehigh, Pennsylvania. 1920 Census: George A. Caskie, page 110, visit 043/047, McKeesport (3rd Ward), Allegheny, Pennsylvania. Known children:  Magdalena Caskie, born about 1900-01;  Alexander Caskie, born 17 January 1902(17), died January 1970 at Tarpon Springs, Pinellas, Florida(17);  Ralph Caskie, born about 1906;  George Caskie, born about 1908.

Willie John6 Ruch, born 27 July 1884(40). He was a cobbler. He registered for the WWI Draft in Carbon County [nearest relative: Mrs. Ella Huber (presumably his sister Ella, above) of Allentown, Lehigh, Pennsylvania]. 1900 Census: William J. Ruch (with father). 1910 Census: William J. Ruch (single, with father).

Clinton Albert6 Ruch, born 25 October and christened 09 December 1886 (Sponsors: parents)(29);  possibly died young.

Katie May6 Ruch, born 30 April 1890(17);  died July 1972 at Lehighton, Carbon, Pennsylvania(17);  married 1907-08 to Wallace Alfred Haberman (son of Benjamin and Caroline Haberman) who was born 09 June 1879(40) in Pennsylvania. He was a farmer; later he worked for a railroad. 1900 Census: Katie M. Ruch (with father). 1910 Census: Wallace A. Haberman (with his parents), page 166, visit 043/045, East Penn, Carbon, Pennsylvania. 1920 Census: Wallace A. Habberman, page 261, visit 100/113, East Penn, Carbon, Pennsylvania. Known children:  Norman M. Haberman, born 19 June 1908(17), died August 1975 at Allentown, Lehigh, Pennsylvania(17);  Miles W. Haberman, born 26 March 1912(17), died 05 March 1982 at Lehighton(17).

Mary6 Ruch(S), birthdate not known;  married to ______ Scherer?.

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