Paul7 Kishbaugh (Ephraim6, Elizabeth5 Arner, Paul4, Martin3, ulrich2, Ulrich1), born about February 1851; married 1871-72 to Ellen A. Davis who was born about October 1854 in Pennsylvania. He was a farmer.

1880 Census: Paul Kishbach, page 267, visit 138/162, Nescopeck, Luzerne, Pennsylvania.

1900 Census: Paul Kishbaugh, page 105, visit 040/040, Nescopeck, Luzerne, Pennsylvania.

1910 Census: Paul Kishbach, page 020, visit 078/078, Nescopeck, Luzerne, Pennsylvania.

1920 Census: Paul Kisbaugh, page 010, visit 199/235, Nescopeck borough, Luzerne, Pennsylvania.

They had ten children, two of whom died before the 1900 census, and one more of whom died before the 1910 census.

Known children:

Albertus Wilson8 Kishbaugh, born 01 June 1873(40); died 24 June 1951; married 21 December 1893 to Clara Ellen DeHaven (daughter of John Benjamin DeHaven and Emmaline Elizabeth Phile) who was born 11 April 1877 and died 12 June 1957. He was a machinist. 1900 Census: A. W. Kishbaugh, page 118, visit 303/304, Nescopeck borough, Luzerne, Pennsylvania. 1910 Census: Alvertis W. Kishbach, page 017, visit 017/017, Nescopeck Township, Luzerne, Pennsylvania. 1920 Census: Albertus W. Kisbaugh, page 002, visit 039/046, Nescopeck borough, Luzerne, Pennsylvania. Known children, born in Nescopeck:

Raymond Russell9 Kishbaugh, born 26 April 1895(40)(49); married 1910s to Ruth H. Bond (daughter of John A. Bond) who was born about February 1895 in Nescopeck. He was a machinist at American Car & Foundry Company at Berwick, Columbia, Pennsylvania; later he was a fireman for a railroad. 1920 Census: Raymond Kisbaugh, page 014, visit 290/335, Nescopeck borough, Luzerne, Pennsylvania. 1930 Census: Raymond R. Kishbach, page 034, visit 310/337, Pottsville (1st Ward), Schuylkill, Pennsylvania. Known children: Irene E. Kishbaugh, born about 1916; Raymond R. J. Kishbaugh, born about 1917; Drew E. Kishbaugh, born about 1920 after the census; Eloise M. Kishbaugh, born about 1921; Lois E. Kishbaugh, born about 1923; Dale Kishbaugh, born about December 1925; Donald O. Kishbaugh, born about August 1927; Dorothy R. Kishbaugh, born about April 1929.

Emeline Elizabeth9 Kishbaugh, born 07 August 1899(17); died 19 November 1983 in Nescopeck(17); married first 27 June 1917 to Harry Foster Hunsinger who was born 02 October 1893(40) in Luzerne County and died 30 September 1918 in the Argonne Forest, France during WWI; married second by 1920 to Roy Oliver Derr (son of George E. and Minerva J. Derr) who was born about July 1898 in Nescopeck. Roy was a WWI veteran. 1920 Census: Roy O. Derr (with her parents). 1930 Census: Roy O. Derr, page 097, visit 031/044, Nescopeck (2nd Ward), Luzerne, Pennsylvania. Known child with first husband: Harry Leroy Hunsinger, born 22 September 1918(17), died 31 January 1991(17) at Eldredsville, Sullivan, Pennsylvania. Known children with second husband: Roy R. Derr, born 1920; Mary A. Derr, born about 1922; Eugene A. Derr, born about

Doretta G.9 Kishbaugh, born 03 December 1902(17); died 20 April 1995 in Nescopeck(17); married about 1921 to Frank Schley Schalles (son of ______ Schalles and Louise ______) who was born 31 August 1898(17)(40) at Berwick, Columbia, Pennsylvania and died 02 August 1989(17) in Nescopeck. He was a machinist. 1930 Census: Schley Schalles, page 108, visit 305/331, Nescopeck borough, Luzerne, Pennsylvania. Known children: John Schalles, born about 1921; Joyce Schalles, born about 1924; Clara May Schalles, born about 1926; Madelyn Schalles, born about May 1929.

Alice Sara9 Kishbaugh, born 20 November 1904(17); died 18 May 2001 at Berwick, Columbia, Pennsylvania(17); married 26 July 1922 to Elwood Charles Shotwell (son of Henry E. Shotwell and Mary Bogart) who was born 13 March 1904 and died 21 March 1964 at Berwick. 1930 Census: Elwood Shotwell, page 267, visit 344/356, Salem, Luzerne, Pennsylvania. Known children: Betty M. Shotwell, born about 1922; James Shotwell, born about 1927.

Victor Albertus9 Kishbaugh, born 30 July 1906(17); died 14 October 1998 at Berwick, Columbia, Pennsylvania(17); married 1925-26 to Ruth ______ who was born about 1906 in Pennsylvania. 1930 Census: Victor Kishbach, page 047, visit 390/410, Berwick (1st Ward), Columbia, Pennsylvania. Known child: Robert H. Kishbaugh, born about October 1928.

Ellen H. Kishbaugh, born about 1911.

Ida M. Kishbaugh, born about 1913.

Richard C. Kishbaugh, born 15 June 1918(17); died 06 September 1990(17).

Evan Freise8 Kishbaugh, born 01 June 1875(40); died 03 April 1946; married 1896-97 to Rachel Rebecca Kline (daughter of Daniel and Mary Kline) who was born 07 July 1876 in Pennsylvania and died 19 May 1938. He was a machinist in a steel car factory. 1900 Census: Evan F. Kishbaugh, page 109, visit 126/126, Nescopeck, Luzerne, Pennsylvania. 1910 Census: Evan F. Kishbaugh, page 012, visit 281/281, Nescopeck borough, Luzerne, Pennsylvania. 1920 Census: Evan Kisbaugh, page 010, visit 202/238, Nescopeck borough, Luzerne, Pennsylvania. 1930 Census: Evan Kishbaugh, page 099, visit 080/105, Nescopeck (2nd Ward), Luzerne, Pennsylvania. Known children:

Daniel Paul Cletus9 Kishbaugh, born 02 November 1897(17)(40); died 29 September 1970 at Nescopeck(17); married first to Leona M. Stout (daughter of Rush Clarence Stout and Georgiana Elizabeth Roth) who was born 10 September 1895 and died 10 December 1949. He was a foreman at a silk mill. 1920 Census: Cletus P. Kishbauch, page 089, visit 117/130, Benton borough, Columbia, Pennsylvania. Known children: Donald P. Kishbaugh, born about June 1916; Dorothy Kishbaugh, born about November 1917; Helen A. Kishbaugh, born about May 1919.

Merlin Luther9 Kishbaugh, born about 1900.

Ceola May9 Kishbaugh, born 10 December 1904(17); died April 1982 at Nescopeck(17); unmarried.

Otis W.9 Kishbaugh, born about July 1908; died December 1957(17); married 1927-28 to Helen N. Edwards (daughter of Ralph Edwards and Olive Harmon) who was born 31 August 1908(17) at Berwick, Columbia, Pennsylvania and died 06 March 1996 at Berwick(17). He was a coal miner. 1930 Census: Otis W. Kishbaugh, page 072, visit 547/583, Berwick (1st Ward), Columbia, Pennsylvania.

Rolland Ellsworth9 Kishbaugh, born 22 December 1913(17); died 17 March 1992(17); married to Dorothy E. Evans (daughter of Harry Evans and Mamie Earle).

Mary A.8 Kishbaugh, born about 1877.

William Ambrose8 Kishbaugh, born about August 1879.

Lydia E.8 Kishbaugh, born about April 1884.

Millard Fillmore8 Kishbaugh, born 25 May 1886(40); married Ada M. ______. He was a track foreman for the Pennsylvania Railroad(40). He registered for the WWI Draft at Nanticoke, Luzerne, Pennsylvania.

Morris E.8 Kishbaugh, born 05 September 1888(40). He registered for the WWI Draft at Nanticoke, Luzerne, Pennsylvania. 1920 Census: (single, with parents). He possibly moved to Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne, Pennsylvania.

Carrie E.8 Kishbaugh, born about September 1891.

Grace Rebecca8 Kishbaugh, born 29 November 1895; died 21 July 1967 near Berwick, Columbia, Pennsylvania; married 1914-15 to Arthur S. Fink who was born 22 October 1892(17)(40) in Pennsylvania and died August 1985 at Berwick(17). He was a teamster. 1920 Census: Arthur S. Fink, page 025, visit 110/114, Nescopeck, Luzerne, Pennsylvania. 1930 Census: Arthur S. Fink, page 255, visit 089/097, Salem, Luzerne, Pennsylvania. Known child: Lavera G. Fink, born 24 June 1918(17), died 21 April 1998 at Berwick(17), married to Curtis Fultz who was born 14 March 1918(17) and died 22 February 2004 at Berwick(17).

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