NOTES: The only reasonable possibility that this Johannes Arner/Ahner could be a direct descendant of Hans Ulrich1 Anner/Arner would appear to be if Johann Ulrich3 Arner (Ulrich2, Ulrich1) later became known as John even though he would have had a brother also called John. However, I have found other instances of just such a thing happening, especially when the brothers moved to separate locations.

And, if such were the case, nobody would have expected him to change his name when he later moved to Towamensing (early 1810s) where his brother John already lived. Instead, the custom back then would have been to refer to the brothers as John, Senior and John, Junior. And, in fact, his probable younger brother Johannes was recorded as “John Arner Jr” in the 1820 census (the first time he was listed that way in any census), even though by then he was the only John Arner living in Towamensing.

Johann Ulrich3 Arner (Ulrich2, Ulrich1) disappears from the known records after 15 November 1781, when he was mustered for an enlistment of one month and eighteen days [i.e. until 03 January 1782] in the 1st Battalion, Northampton Militia (PA:5:8:044, 063)(C). This Johannes Arner/Ahner first appears in the known military records when he is listed on the Class Roll for 1782 of the 7th Company (from Lehigh Township), 3rd Battalion, Northampton Militia (PA:5:8:287)(C), as a Corporal [which might imply previous military service].

This Johannes and his family are found recorded as “Ahner” at least as early as 1783 [Militia Muster Roll (PA:5:8:293)(C)] and in 1791 (Baptismal Record(24)), but his descendants are also regularly found recorded as “Arner” at least as late as 1930 [which is as far forward as I have researched]. The spelling change appears to have occurred when he moved to Lehigh, Northampton, Pennsylvania (about 1782) or shortly afterward, but it was never permanent for him (although it was for some of his descendants). He is also found alternately recorded as “Arner” for the rest of his life.

(Corporal) Johannes3 Arner/Ahner (probably Ulrich2, Ulrich1), born probably mid-1750s;  died about December 1815/January 1816 in Towamensing, Northampton (now Franklin, Carbon), Pennsylvania;  married by 1777 to Christina ______.

He served in the 7th (Captain John Deter’s) Company (of Lehigh Township), 3rd Battalion, Northampton County Militia in 1782 and 1783 (PA:5:8:275,287, 293)(C). He was on the 1786 Tax List in Lehigh Township (PA:3:19:243)(C).

1790 Census: John Arnor, page 285, Lehigh, Northampton, Pennsylvania. [also see Worksheet]

1800 Census: John Ahner, page 560, Lehigh, Northampton, Pennsylvania. [also see Worksheet]

1810 Census: John Arner, page 076B, Lehigh, Northampton, Pennsylvania. [also see Worksheet]

The estate of “John Ahner of Towamensing” (Northampton Will File #3106) filed 26 January 1816: widow Christina relinquished Rights of Administration to John Ahner, eldest son (witnesses Jacob Sole and Danl Solt). The Final Account of his estate included two lost overdue debts owed to his estate: Adam Solt, absconded, 90 cents; and John Arner, insolvent, 13 cents [NOTE: presumably Johannes3 Arner (Ulrich2, Ulrich1), who is known to have been insolvent in 1816, and who was probably his brother]. The documents in his estate appear to indicate that his assets were not enough to cover his debts, in which case there would have been no inheritance [but I’m not 100% sure about that; there is some ambiguity in the numbers in those documents].

Known children [also see Worksheet], born in Northampton County:

Catherine4 Arner, born 10 February 1777 and christened [date not recorded] (Sponsors: Adam Roth and wife Catherine)(9).

+    JOHANNES4 ARNER/AHNER, born about 1781;  married first Elisabeth Solt;  moved to Towamensing Township, then back to Lehigh Township.

Barbara4 Arner, born about 1782;  died 30 November 1837 aged 55 years(14);  married 06 January 1808 to Heinrich Heffelfinger (son of John Heffelfinger and Margaret Rebecca Petty, and brother of Maria Magdalena, below) who was born 15 January 1775 in Lehigh Township and died 16 February 1847 aged 72 years, 01 month, 01 day(14) in Moore, Northampton, Pennsylvania. 1810 Census: Henry Heffelfinger, page 076, Lehigh, Northampton, Pennsylvania. 1820 Census: Henry Haffaldfinger, page 249, Lehigh, Northampton, Pennsylvania. Possibly 1830 Census: Henry Heffelfinger, page 107, Lehigh, Northampton, Pennsylvania. They are buried at Zion’s (Stone) Church in Allen, Northampton, Pennsylvania. Known children:

Catharina5 Heffelfinger, born 17 May and christened 22 July 1810 (Sponsors: Wilhelm Klepping and Cath. Heffelfinger)(24).

Margaret Anna5 Heffelfinger, born 17 April and christened 21 June 1812 (Sponsors: David Heffelfinger and Susanna)(24).

Wilhelm5 Heffelfinger, born 09 May and christened 21 September 1816 (Sponsors: Matthias Gerber and Elis.)(24);  died 20 July 1906;  married to Leah Schott (daughter of Johannes Schott and Susanna Lilly) who was born 03 March 1827 in Northampton County and died 15 May 1899 possibly at Catasauqua borough, Lehigh, Pennsylvania. He was a laborer. 1850 Census: Wm Heffelfinger, page 319, visit 075/080, Lehigh, Northampton, Pennsylvania. 1860 Census: Wm Heffelfinger, page 594, visit 1581/1723, Lehigh, Northampton, Pennsylvania. 1870 Census: Wm Heffelfinger, page 156, visit 094/104, Lehigh, Northampton, Pennsylvania. 1880 Census: William Heffelfinger, page 072, visit 021/021, Eastern District of Lehigh [Township], Northampton, Pennsylvania. 1900 Census: William Hefflefinger (widower), page ___?, visit 226/229, Catasauqua (1st Ward), Lehigh, Pennsylvania. [More info on some descendants is in the Laubach Family Association GEDCOM.] Known children, born in Lehigh Township:  Amanda Heffelfinger, born about 1846, [not with parents in 1860];  Henry Harrison Heffelfinger, born 21 December 1847;  Catherine Ann Heffelfinger, born 18 August 1848;  Amandus Linton Heffelfinger, born 06 August 1851, 1900 Census: (single, with father);  Charles U. Heffelfinger, born 23 September and died 14 December 1853;  John Heffelfinger, born about 1855;  Louisa J. Heffelfinger, born 26 June 1857;  George D. Heffelfinger, born 08 September 1859, died 31 March 1862;  Marietta Heffelfinger, born 31 October 1861, died 26 April 1862;  Alice Heffelfinger, born about 1864, [not with parents in 1880];  Leah Susanna Heffelfinger, born 22 February 1866;  William Thomas Heffelfinger, born 04 June 1868, [not with parents in 1880];  Anna Rosa Heffelfinger, born 29 January 1871, died 24 February 1889.

Elisabeth4 Arner, born about May 1785-May 1786. Elisabeth “Aner”, age 14, child of Johannes, was confirmed 10 May 1800(24).

+    Abraham4 Arner/Ahner, born 11 June 1791 (from death record(29)) and christened 06 August 1791 [birthdate not recorded] (Sponsors: Abraham Mersch and wife)(24);  married Maria Magdalena Heffelfinger;  moved to Towamensing Township.

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