Jacob4 Arner (Jacob3, probably ulrich2, Ulrich1), born 03 December 1793 in Gosfield, Essex, Ontario, Canada;  died 20 March 1838 in Gosfield;  married 23 June 1818 in Colchester, Essex, Ontario to Susannah Iler who was born 27 June 1797 in Grosse Ile, Wayne, Northwest Territory (now Michigan), USA and died 17 December 1896 aged 99 years in Malden, Essex, Ontario (Registration #007935).

[She was the daughter of Jacob Iler (son of Valentine Eiler and Susanna Shanks) who was born about 1771 in Hanover, York, Pennsylvania, USA (or possibly in Frederick County, Maryland, USA), died 22 April 1843 in Colchester, and Elizabeth Snider (daughter of John and Elizabeth Snider) who was born about 1779 in York County, Pennsylvania and died 20 January 1851 in Colchester.]

He was a farmer. Biography (external link) from page 168, Commemorative Biographical Record of the county of Essex, Ontario, published by J. H. Beers & Company, Toronto, Canada, 1905. He applied for a Land Grant as a child of a Loyalist (Council of Upper Canada: Orders of Council, 04 February 1836).

1881 Census: Susan Arner (with son-in-law William C. Mickle), page 45, visit 187, Malden, Essex, Ontario.

His estate (Essex Surrogate Court Record #497), filed 1838 [not checked yet]. They are buried at Old Iler Cemetery in Colchester.

Known children, born in Gosfield South:

+    ELIZABETH5 ARNER, born 29 May 1819;  married George Eede.

John Culver5 Arner, born 05 June 1821(14);  died 19 December 1886(14) aged 65 years in Gosfield (Registration #004136);  married 18 January 1842 in Gosfield to Sarah Jane Fox (daughter of Jacob Fox and Madeline Wigle) who was born 14 November 1820(14) in Gosfield South and died 24 August 1902(14) aged “82” years in Gosfield South (Registration #008520). He was a farmer. 1871 Census: John Arner, page 74, Gosfield, Essex, Ontario. 1881 Census: John Arner, page 14, visit 063, Gosfield, Essex, Ontario. 1901 Census: Sarah Arner (widow, with daughter Eliza), page 06, visit 051, Gosfield, Essex, Ontario. His estate: Essex Will #814, filed 1887, not checked yet. They are buried at New Iler Cemetery in Colchester. Known children:

Eliza6 Arner, born 10 May 1844;  died 05 April 1911 aged 66 years, 10 months, 26 days in Gosfield (Registration #011712);  unmarried. 1901 Census: Eliza Arner (single), page 06, visit 051, Gosfield South, Essex, Ontario.

Lucinda Jane6 Arner, born 26 February 1854;  died 16 April 1939 at Kingsville, Essex, Ontario;  married 06 May 1874 at Kingsville (Registration #001330) to Thomas Clarke (son of Thomas and Sophia Clarke) who was born 04 October 1855 in Malden, Essex, Ontario and died February 1938 at Kingsville. He was a farmer. 1881 Census: Thomas Clarke, page 14, visit 64, Gosfield, Essex, Ontario. 1901 Census: Thomas Clark, page 19, visit 196, Kingsville village, Essex, Ontario. Known children, born in Gosfield:  Phillip John Clarke, born 05 March 1875 (Registration #003835), married to Rosella Ford (daughter of Charles and Mary Ford) who was born 21 March 1876 in Colchester South, known children: Clarence E. Clarke born 20 March 1896, died 1983, married Mabel Ruth Hutchins, and Allen Charles Clarke born 1903, died 15 August 1994, married Fern Vincent;  Mary Elizabeth Clarke, born 13 February 1879, died December 1963, married 27 April 1904 to Egerton C. Scratch (son of Henry and Sarah Scratch) who was born 30 November 1877 in Gosfield and died December 1954, he was a farmer, known children: Elva H. Scratch born about 1905, died 04 December 1997, Allie Scratch born about April 1909, married Howard Bailey, and Clark Scratch born about 1912;  Jessie Clarke, born 23 January 1881 (Registration #006101), died 24 January 1881 aged 01 day (Registration #004265);  Lena May Clarke, born 18 January 1890 (Registration #007956), died 29 January 1971 at Windsor, Ontario, Canada, married Harold Poole.

+    Jacob5 Arner, born 15 July 1823;  married Susanne Williams.

Barbara5 Arner, born 03 November 1825;  died 26 September 1894 aged “69” years in Gosfield South (Registration #004582);  married to William Staddon who was born 20 October 1819 in England and died 08 November 1903 aged 84 years in Gosfield (Registration #009130). 1871 Census: William Stadden, page 77, Gosfield, Essex, Ontario. 1881 Census: William Staddon, page 06, visit 029, Gosfield, Essex, Ontario. Known children, born in Gosfield South:

Amelia6 Staddon, born 24 February 1850;  died 23 February 1939 in Colchester;  married 03 November 1875 in Simcoe County, Ontario to John W. Crichton (possibly son of Peter Crichton) who was born 12 May 1852 in Scotland. He was a blacksmith. 1881 Census: John W. Crichton, page 51, visit 241, Colchester South, Essex, Ontario. 1911 Census: John Crichton, page 11, visit 115/122, Colchester South, Essex, Ontario. Known children, most born in Colchester South:  Carrie B. Crichton, born about December 1876, 1911 Census: (single, with parents);  Cassie Pearl Crichton, born 09 April 1878 in Jarvis, Haldimand, Ontario, died 27 October 1885 aged 07 years (Registration #004389);  Elsie D. Crichton, born about 1881;  William Howell Colman Crichton, born 03 June 1883 (Registration #006659);  Attie Myrtle Crichton, born 05 January 1887 (Registration #009421), married 20 July 1911 at Seaforth, Huron, Ontario (Registration #006181) to Arthur Robert Scott who was born about 1887, he was a clerk.

Eliza6 Staddon, born December 1852;  died 19 August 1853.

Elizabeth6 Staddon, born 02 March 1854;  married 01 July 1891 at Windsor, Essex, Ontario (Registration #003283) to Alfred Staddon (son of Thomas Staddon and Elizabeth Robinson) who was born about 1863 in England, later divorced. He was a merchant. 1911 Census: Elisabeth Staddon (divorced, with brother-in-law John Crichton, above). Known child:  Leslie Aylmer Staddon, born 18 October 1892 at Windsor (Registration #007379), died 27 January 1893 aged 03 months in St. Thomas, Elgin, Ontario (Registration #004284).

John6 Staddon, born 03 July 1856;  died 30 September 1925 aged 69 years, 02 months at Kingsville, Essex, Ontario (Registration #012319);  married 03 December 1884 at Kingsville (Registration #002884) to Cora Elizabeth Malott (daughter of John Jones Malott and Hannah Iler) who was born 08 January 1863 in Gosfield and died 1946. [Malott family biography and genealogy (external link) from page 478, Commemorative Biographical Record of the county of Essex, Ontario, published by J. H. Beers & Company, Toronto, Canada, 1905. ] He was a farmer. 1901 Census: John Staddon, page 07, visit 057/057, Gosfield South, Essex, Ontario. 1911 Census: John Staddon, page 06, visit 056/056, Gosfield South, Essex, Ontario. Known children, born in Gosfield South:  Ella Maud Staddon, born 30 October 1885 (Registration #007680);  Florence A. Staddon, born 25 July 1887;  Edith Myrl Staddon, born 26 December 1889 (Registration #007970), married Clifford Liddle;  Ada May Staddon, born 14 January 1892 (Registration #007750), married 16 October 1918 at Arner, Essex, Ontario (Registration #008957) to Carlos J. Tretheway (son of James Tretheway and Nettie Rule) who was born about 1895 in Calumet, Michigan, USA, he was an accountant;  Jessie Irene Staddon, born 16 February 1895 (Registration #007702), married Earnest Marks;  William John Staddon, born 10 May 1896, married 29 October 1917 at Harrow, Essex, Ontario (Registration #008550) to Cora Bell Tofflemire (daughter of Edgar J. Tofflemire and Lorinda Renaud, and sister of Ina Faye Tofflemire who married Forest7 Arner) who was born about 1895, he was a farmer, he served in WWI (Records of the Canadian Expeditionary Force, Regimental #3138368);  Clara Grace Staddon, born 27 January 1900, married Norman Locke;  Arthur Herbert Staddon, born 27 September 1901, married 14 October 1922 at Harrow, Essex, Ontario (Registration #019655) to Effie May Vickers (daughter of Albert Edward Vickers and Esther Cora Squire) who was born about 1903 in Gosfield South;  Frederick Evans Staddon, born 15 July 1903, married Helen Gardner.

Susan6 Staddon, born 07 February 1859;  died 18 September 1860.

Arthur6 Staddon, born 21 October 1861;  possibly died young.

Charles6 Staddon, born 22 June 1866;  died 1918;  married at Arner village to Myrtle Helen Shook who was born 27 June 1881 at Pontiac, Oakland, Michigan, USA(36) and died 09 October 1973 in Mendocino County, California, USA(36). He was a farmer; later he was a public works inspector. 1901 Census: Charles Stadden, page 08, visit 086, Colchester South, Essex, Ontario. 1911 Census: Charles Staddon, page 08, visit 073/074, Walkerville town, Essex, Ontario. [She was married second to ______ Wedler(36).] Known children, born at Arner village:  Walter Prouse Staddon, born 15 December 1900 (Delayed Birth Registration #902695; recorded 1918 at Walkerville);  Charles Grover Staddon, born 22 October 1902 (Delayed Birth Registration #000423; filled out 1967 by Charles in Los Angeles County, California, USA)[although California State Death Index says 1903(36)], died 22 March 1989 in Los Angeles County(36), married to Dorothy Jane Pattenger who was born 17 August 1907 in Iowa(36) and died 16 October 1950 in Los Angeles County(36);  Helen Zala Staddon, born 18 October 1904 (Delayed Birth Registration #902802; filled out 1932 by mother Myrtle H. Wedler in Los Angeles County, California, USA).

Byron James6 Staddon, born about June 1868;  died 10 December 1949 in Colchester;  married 18 November 1896 at Windsor, Essex, Ontario (Registration #003736) to Jane “Jennie” Keys (daughter of William and Rachel Keys) who was born about September 1872 in Durham County, Ontario. He was a farmer. 1911 Census: Byron Staddon, page 03, visit 027/027, Gosfield South, Essex, Ontario. Known children, born in Gosfield South:  Mildred Pearl Staddon, born 26 October 1897;  Mina Elizabeth Staddon, born 28 October 1899;  Mabel Staddon, born 28 April 1902;  Glen Elliott Staddon, born 09 July 1906 at Arner village (Registration #017551).

+    Lewis5 Arner, born 06 November 1828;  married first Margaret ISABEL RYERSON Buchanan.

Mary A.5 Arner, born 10 March 1831;  died 14 May 1909 aged 78 years in Malden, Essex, Ontario (Registration #010615);  married 31 May 1852 in Colchester, Essex, Ontario to William Charles Mickle (his second marriage)(son of William Charles Mickle and Sarah Brush) who was born 14 December 1822 at Amherstburg, Essex, Ontario and died 09 May 1905 in Essex County. [He was married first to Mary Jane Elliot, and had two sons.] He was a farmer. In 1887, he provided information to a biographer of Simon Girty (the notorious U.S. renegade); his letters, posted on the Historic Pittsburgh website. 1851 Census: Mary Arner (with brother Lewis), page 29, line 43, Malden, Essex, Canada West. 1871 Census: William Mickle, page 06, Malden, Essex, Ontario. 1881 Census: Wm. C. Mickle, page 45, visit 187, Malden, Essex, Ontario. 1901 Census: William C. Mickle, page 04, visit 039, Malden, Essex, Ontario. They are buried at Iler Cemetery in Colchester. Known children:

Emma6 Mickle, born 07 December 1852;  died 22 February 1918 aged 65 years, 02 months, 15 days in Colchester South (Registration #015502);  married 16 December 1874 at Kingsville, Essex, Ontario (Registration #001360) to Elam M. Beeman (son of John Beeman and ______ Moran) who was born 19 September 1843 in Colchester South and died 13 January 1917 aged “74” years in Colchester South (Registration #011952). He was a farmer. 1901 Census: Ealm Beamon, page 09, visit 087, Colchester South, Essex, Ontario. Known children, born in Colchester South:  Harry Beeman, born 03 February 1877;  Ellen Beeman, born 14 February 1882 (Registration #006641);  Ida W. Beeman, born 06 July 1883 (Registration #006665).

Nellie6 Mickle, born about 1853.

Eliza Jane6 Mickle, born 15 December 1854;  died 29 July 1949 in Malden;  married 17 December 1879 at Harrow, Essex, Ontario (Registration #002622) to Henry Atkins (son of Samuel and Susannah Atkins) who was born 12 December 1852 in Malden. He was a farmer. 1901 Census: Henry Atkins, page 08, visit 082, Malden, Essex, Ontario. 1911 Census: Henry Atkin, page 05, visit 051/051, Malden, Essex, Ontario. Known children, born in Malden:  Arthur Forrest Atkins, born 04 March 1881 (Registration #007150);  Norman Russell Atkins, born 15 January 1884, married 15 September 1909 in Malden (Registration #009504) to Catherine Sarah Parks (daughter of Thomas H. Parks and Catherine M. Sellars) who was born about September 1886 in Ontario, he was a farmer.

Arthur6 Mickle, born about 1860.

Annie Laurie6 Mickle, born 02 September 1863;  died 06 August 1926;  married 23 March 1887 at Oxley, Essex, Ontario (Registration #003066) to Frederick George Brown (son of Charles and Susan Brown) who was born 12 August 1863 in Malden. He was a carpenter. 1901 Census: Frederick Brown, page 15, visit 143, Amherstburg [town], Essex, Ontario. 1911 Census: Frederick Brown, page 14, visit 151/151, Amherstburg town, Essex, Ontario. Known children, born at Amherstburg:  Kenneth Charles Brown, born 25 July 1890;  Mary Catherine Brown, born 30 August 1892 (Registration #006654);  Eliza Jane Brown, born 16 August 1894 (Registration #006638);  Lloyd Frederick Brown, born 21 November 1898;  Colin Douglas Brown, born 05 September 1902.

Mary Ellen6 Mickle, born 29 July 1872 in Malden (Registration #005116);  died 02 July 1952 at Hamburg, Erie, New York, USA;  married 1902-03 to Julius F. Edie (son of Henry Edie and Sophia Hintz, both born in Mecklenburg, Germany, and brother of Lewis H. Edie who married Clara Bertha6 Arner) who was born 08 December 1859 in Otto, Cattaraugus, New York, USA and died 12 July 1937 in Otto. He was a dairy farmer. 1910 U.S. Census: Julius F. Edie, page 234, visit 005/006, Otto, Cattaraugus, New York. 1920 U.S. Census: Julius F. Edie (with his brother Lewis H. Edie), page 255, visit 186/188, Otto, Cattaraugus, New York. 1930 U.S. Census: Julius F. Edie, page 247, visit 113/113, Otto, Cattaraugus, New York. Known children, born in New York:  Arner Henry Edie, born 12 July 1903, died 1946(14), he is buried at Collins Center Cemetery at Collins Center, Erie, New York;  Vernon Lewis Edie, born 03 November 1905 in New York, died 24 December 1942 at Springville, Erie, New York, married after the 1930 census to Alma T. Terhorst;  Ilene M. Edie, born about 1912;  possibly Lula May Edie, birthdate not known.

+    SUSANNE5 ARNER, born 03 November 1833;  married Robert McLean.

+    Henry Culver5 Arner, born 18 March 1836;  married Susan A. Fox.

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