GAR Cemetery

Summit Hill, Carbon, Pennsylvania

History of GAR Cemetery. [not posted yet]

Contact info (in 2004):

Julie Gieniec

[e-mail me to get her phone number]

Map to GAR Cemetery. [not posted yet]

Directions: From State Route 902, turn east on White Street in downtown Summit Hill.

After 2 blocks (intersection with Elm Street), there is nothing in front of you but

cemeteries for as far as the eye can see. Keep going east on White Street, and GAR

Cemetery is the 2nd cemetery on the left (past the tree line perpendicular to the road).

Photos of Arner gravestones at GAR Cemetery:

NOTE 1: Not a complete list. Called on account of darkness.

NOTE 2: Gravestone photos with an * were taken by descendant Tim Mueller (not posted yet).

WILLIAM JOHN5 ARNER, 1872-1944, (son of Henry4 Arner & Harriet Haney). [gravestone]

+DAISY MARGARET (LEES) ARNER, 1879-1966, (wife). [gravestone]

Descendants of William4 Arner & Magdalena Daubenspeck:

WILLIAM5 ARNER, 1832-1892, (son of William & Magdalena). [gravestone]

ALMIRA6 ARNER, 1861-1865, (daughter of William5). [gravestone]

THOMAS5 ARNER, 1833-1908, (son of William & Magdalena).

+EMMA (JENKINS) ARNER, 1836-1915, (wife). [their gravestone]

THOMAS6 ARNER, 1868-1917, (son of Thomas & Emma). [no photo yet]

+BERTHA (McDONALD) ARNER, 1867-1933, (wife). [no photo yet]

MOSES5 ARNER, 1836-1909, (son of William & Magdalena). [gravestone]

+CATHARINE (SCHNEIDER) ARNER, 1837-1909, (wife). [gravestone]

JOSEPH6 ARNER, 1866-1923, (son of Moses & Catharine). [gravestone]

+MARY A. (STORCH) ARNER, 1867-1957, (wife). [gravestone]

LORENZ STORCH7 ARNER, 1905-1996, (son of Joseph & Mary).

+FRANCES ELLEN (KLECKNER) ARNER, 1904-1947, (wife). [their gravestone]

WILLIAM J.6 ARNER, 1870-1950, (son of Moses & Catharine). [gravestone]

+MARY MARGARET (SEIBOTT) ARNER, 1873-1927, (wife). [gravestone]

ELIZABETH CATHERINE7 ARNER, 1904-1970, (daughter of William). [gravestone]

GEORGE6 ARNER, 1873-1940, (son of Moses & Catharine). [gravestone]

WILLIAM D.6 ARNER, 1866-1929, (parentage unknown). [no photo yet]

+ELIZABETH R. (MOSER) ARNER, 1871-____, (wife). [no photo yet]

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