Benderís Union Church

(now Benderís Lutheran Church)

Butler, Adams, Pennsylvania

History of Benderís Union Church.

First church built about 1781.

Current church erected 1811?.

Expanded or renovated 1911.

The Reformed Congregation withdrew in 1926 to merge with

††††††††††† the Trinity Reformed Congregation in Biglerville.

First Arner members:††† Daniel and Elizabeth3 (Arner) Rex, 1785.

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Felix3 Arner, 1785.

Map to Benderís Church.

Contact info:

Benders Lutheran Church

1385 Rentzel Rd

Biglerville PA 17307

Phone: (717) 677-7409

Trinity United Church of Christ

300 E York St

Biglerville PA 17307

Phone: (717) 677-7765

A photo of Benderís Lutheran Church.

Another photo of Benderís Lutheran Church.

A third photo of Benderís Lutheran Church.

††††† [All photos taken by Beth Snyder.]

Photos of Arner gravestones at Benderís Church:

††††† [All gravestone photos taken by Beth Snyder.]

ELIZABETH3 (ARNER) REX, 1756-1819, (daughter of Felix2 and Elisabetha Arner). [gravestone]

+DANIEL REX, 1755-1835, (husband). [gravestone] [plaque]

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