New Goschenhoppen

German Reformed Church

(now New Goshenhoppen UCC)

East Greenville, Montgomery, Pennsylvania

History of New Goshenhoppen Church, posted on the church’s website.

      [This church was the featured site of the 2004 Arner Family Reunion.]

First Arner members: Hans Ulrich1 and Verena (Eberhardt) Arner.

            [on subscription list for the first church building in 1739]

Map to New Goshenhoppen Church.

Contact info:

New Goshenhoppen Church

1070 Church Road

East Greenville PA 18041

Phone: (215) 679-2041

A photo of New Goshenhoppen Church.

Photo of the cornerstone and plaque.

      Close-up of the above plaque.

Photo of the stone mounted above the entrance.

            [Translation of the above stone]

Photo of one of the stones mounted just inside the entrance.

Photo of the other stone mounted just inside the entrance.

      [The above two stones, containing Psalm 27:4 in German, are two of the three

            stones that were mounted over the entrance of the 1769 church.]

Photos of Arner gravestones at New Goshenhoppen Church:

VERENA2 (ARNER) SCHLEIFFER, 1725-1797, (daughter of Hans Ulrich1 Arner). [no photo yet]

+HEINRICH SCHLEIFFER, 1705-1796, (husband). [no photo yet]

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