Zionsville Reformed Church

(now Old Zionsville UCC)

Old Zionsville, Lehigh, Pennsylvania

History of Old Zionsville Reformed Church.

Congregation formed between 1740 and 1750.

First church building erected 17__?.

Second church building erected 1789.

Third church building erected 1858.

Current church building erected 1909.

First Arner members: Jacob3 and Anna Margaretha (Kern) Arner

Map to Old Zionsville Church.

Contact info:

Old Zionsville Church

5981 Fountain Road

PO Box 215

Old Zionsville PA 18068-0215

(610) 966-3601 or (610) 966-3436

A photo of Old Zionsville Church.

A photo of the cornerstone.

A memorial stone in front of the church.

††††† [probably the cornerstone from the third church building]

Another stone in front of the church.

††††† [probably the cornerstone from the second church building]

Photos of the gravestone of Jacob3 Arner, 1750-1818, (possibly the second oldest surviving Arner family gravestone in America):

††††† The gravestone.

††††† A close-up photo of the gravestone.

††††† A close-up photo of the plaque.

NOTE: Jacobís gravestone is in Row 2 [rows numbered from the east]; however, if you walk past the end of the chain-link fence along Kings Highway Road south of the church, it will appear to be in the first row [facing the road].

††††† A transcription and translation of the inscription.

Higher resolution versions of the photos of Jacobís gravestone, suitable for printing enlargements:

††††† [NOTE: Each of these files is over 1 Mb in size; takes about 3 or 4 minutes to download via a dial-up connection; and will print a 4"x6" picture at 300dpi (or an 8"x12" picture at 150dpi, etc)]

††††† The first photo of the gravestone.

††††† The close-up photo of the gravestone.

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