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JOHANN JACOB DAUBENSPECK, born 1715; married Juliana Geiger.

GEORGE DAUBENSPECK, born about 1745 (or 1751?), married (first?) Anna Barbara Geiger.

Philip Daubenspeck, born about 1777, married Mary Freize.

Katherine Daubenspeck, born 1797, married TOBIAS4 ARNER.

Catherine Daubenspeck, born about 1784, married Francis Hilliard.

Henry Hilliard, born 1815, married Catherine Stoops.

Catherine Hilliard, born 1853, married IRA LEO5 ARNER.

CATHERINE DAUBENSPECK, born about 1746, married Heinrich2 Arner.

JOHANN JACOB DAUBENSPECK, born 1755, married Anna Margaretha Strasser.

JACOB DAUBENSPECK, born 1781, married Maria Zehner.

Maria Magdalena Daubenspeck, born 1811, married WILLIAM4 ARNER.

Mary Daubenspeck, born 1824, married DANIEL6 OHL.

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