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Christina2 Orner [probably daughter of JACOB1 ORNER of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania];  married 19 October 1742 in Cocalico, Lancaster, Pennsylvania to Johann Heinrich Ensminger who was born 07 April and christened 11 April 1723 at the Lutheran Church at Mattstall, Bas-Rhin, Alsace and died about December 1789 in Newberry (near Conawago), York, Pennsylvania. [NOTE: If she was not a daughter of Jacob, then she must have been an immigrant herself, possibly coming to America with a brother or a cousin, apparently on one of the ships for which there is no surviving passenger list. Or, if she did come with different parents, she would appear to be the only member of that family who lived long enough to appear in the early records.]

[He was the son of Johann Peter Ensminger who was born 28 January 1694/5 at Waldhambach, Bas-Rhin, Alsace;  died October 1739 in Cocalico;  married 21 November 1719 at Mattstall to Maria Catharina Trautmann (daughter of Christoph Trautmann and Catharina Emmerich) who was born 10 January 1700/01 probably at Mattstall. Peter came to America with his parents on the ship Samuel which sailed from Rotterdam and arrived in Philadelphia on 17 August 1733.]

He was a blacksmith. “Henry Ensmenger” bought land in Newberry in 1752. In 1760, he was Constable for Newberry Township. On 06 July 1778, they were baptismal sponsors for Christina Hollender, daughter of William and Christina Hollender(2). He served in the Revolutionary War.

Henry Ensminger’s will, signed 05 January 1781 and proved 29 January 1790 in York County, mentions Executor George Ensminger of Newberry Township, wife Christiana, children George, Conrad, Catharine wife of Samuel Grove, and Magdalena wife of Philip Wallick.

[NOTE: More info on some of their children’s families are in The Ensminger Family, Raymond Martin Bell, privately published, Washington, Pennsylvania, 1961.]

Children, first six born in East Cocalico:

Christina3 Ensminger, twin, born 17 January 1744/5(1);  possibly died young.

Johann Georg3 Ensminger, twin, born 17 January 1744/5(1);  died 17 February 1815 in York County, Pennsylvania;  married first to Sarah ______;  married second 24 June 1765 in York County to Maria Magdalena Griest(2). He served in the Revolutionary War. 1790 Census: G. Emsinger, page 275, Newberry, York, Pennsylvania. Known children with second wife, born in Newberry:

Christina4 Ensminger, born 01 May 1766;  died 23 February 1777.

Catharina4 Ensminger, born 15 January 1768;  married to Jesse Oran.

Elizabeth4 Ensminger, born 16 August 1769;  died 09 January 1841;  married 1787 to John Kline who was born 01 March 1769 and died 10 February 1835. Known children:  Mary Kline, born 25 February 1789;  Elizabeth Kline, born 29 May 1791, married Jacob Kirk;  John Kline, born 24 December 1793, died 24 August 1857, married Jane Millard;  Margaret Kline, born 14 April 1796, died 13 January 1894;  Daniel Kline, born 18 September 1798, died 30 November 1859;  Phillip Kline, born 13 March 1801, married Emily Jane Hickernell;  Catherine Kline, born September 1803;  Andrew Kline, born 03 November 1805, died 18 November 1882, married Margaret Foster;  George Kline, born 04 August 1807, died 15 March 1878, married Margaret Runyan;  Joseph Kline, born 16 June 1809, died 13 February 1874;  Franklin Kline, born18 August 1810, died 27 April 1886;  Lewis Kline, born 13 April 1814, married Margaret ______, moved to Illinois.

Mary4 Ensminger, born 25 September 1771;  died 1838;  married first 09 September 1790 in York County to Peter Williamson who was born 29 August 1769 in York County and died 07 March 1816 in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. Known children with first husband:  Sarah Williamson, born about 1791;  George Williamson, born about 1792;  Catherine Williamson, born about 1794;  Edward Williamson, born about 1796;  Thomas Williamson, born about 1799;  Peter Williamson, born about 1801;  Benjamin J. Williamson, born about 1803;  John Wesley Williamson, born about 1805;  Philip N. Williamson, born about 1807;  Isaac Newton Williamson, born about 1812.

Johannes4 Ensminger, born about 22 August 1773 and baptized 21 November 1773 “born 3 months ago next Monday” (Sponsors: Jacob Reif and wife)(3);  died young.

Johann Georg Frederick4 Ensminger, born 02 December 1775 and christened 12 May 1776 (Sponsors: Joh. Georg Wild and Maria Magdalena Reif)(3);  died 30 August 1842 in Portage, Hancock, Ohio;  married about 1798 to Maria ______ who was born about 1780 and died 01 September 1843. Known children:  David W. Ensminger, born 12 December 1799, died 22 October 1872 in Belmore, Putnam, Ohio, married to Sarah ______ who was born 27 January 1803 and died 01 April 1873;  Michael Ensminger, born about 1801, died about 1845 possibly in Ashland County, Ohio, married Mary ______;  George Ensminger, born about 1803, moved to Ashland County, Ohio;  Henry Ensminger, born about 1809, died about 1843, married Matilda ______;  Caroline Ensminger, born about 1813, married 10 September 1833 to Francis Rummel;  Perry D. Ensminger, born 21 November 1817, died 14 March 1865 in Hancock County, Ohio, married first about 1838 to Phoebe ______ who was born 25 December 1820 and died 25 December 1848, married second 11 August 1850 to Ann McMannis;  Lyman Ensminger, born about 1819, married 26 April 1838 to Anna Warner;  Milton U. Ensminger, born about 1823, married 06 January 1842 to Phidelia Bills.

Philip4 Ensminger, born 28 March and christened 08 June 1778 (Sponsors: Jacob Reif and his sister)(3);  died 29 March 1867 in Pike, Jay, Indiana;  married 20 October 1804 in York County to Mary Park who was born 08 April 1786 in Pennsylvania and died 08 April 1861 in Greene County, Ohio. He was a farmer. 1860 Census: Philip Ensminger, page 056, visit 397/395, Pike, Jay, Indiana. Known children:  Peter Ensminger, born 11 November 1804, died 27 February 1862 in York County, Pennsylvania, married to Catherine ______ who was born 25 April 1820 and died 08 February 1880;  Catharine Ensminger;  Nancy Ensminger;  Mary Ensminger, born about 1822 in Ohio.

Margreth4 Ensminger, born 06 March and christened 19 June 1780 (Sponsor: Margr. Holzbaum)(3);  married first 28 November 1797 to Andrew Blymer;  married second to Andrew Shetler.

Johann Heinrich4 Ensminger, born 21 April and christened 20 May 1782 (Sponsor: Joh: Henrich Ensminger, the grandfather)(3);  died 28 April 1856 in York County, Pennsylvania;  married to Mary Starr who was born 28 November 1784 in York County and died 23 October 1861. He was a farmer. 1850 Census: Henry Ensminger, page 371, visit 849/849, Fairview, York, Pennsylvania. Known children:  Thomas Ensminger, born 11 October 1811, died 29 July 1880, married to Elizabeth Harmon who was born about 1830 in Pennsylvania, he was a farmer, 1850 Census: Thomas Ensminger, page 370, visit 848/848, Fairview, York, Pennsylvania;  Susannah Ensminger, born about 1818, married to Andrew Nebinger who was born about 1820 in Pennsylvania, he was a carpenter, 1850 Census: Andrew Nebinger, page 339, visit 412/412, Lewisberry borough, York, Pennsylvania, they moved to Harrisburg, Dauphin, Pennsylvania by 1860;  Elizabeth Ensminger, born about 1819, married to Moses McGrew who was born about 1817 in Pennsylvania, he was a merchant, 1850 Census: Moses McGrew, page 370, visit 847/847, Fairview, York, Pennsylvania;  George Ensminger, born 16 June 1820, died 27 November 1900 (or 1890), married first 24 June 1843 to Sarah Ann Craver who was born 31 March 1822 in Pennsylvania, he was a merchant, 1850 Census: George Ensminger, page 339, visit 401/401, Lewisberry borough, York, Pennsylvania, they later moved to Carlisle, Cumberland, Pennsylvania;  Henry Ensminger, born about 1825, married to Susan ______ who was born about 1830 in Pennsylvania;  James Starr Ensminger, born about 1826, married to Harriet Kaufman who was born 28 September 1830 in Pennsylvania, he was a wagon maker, 1850 Census: James S Ensminger, page 339, visit 414/414, Lewisberry borough, York, Pennsylvania;  Jane L. Ensminger, born 18 January 1827, died 16 June 1911, married to (Corporal) Marcus D. L. Craver who was born about 1826 in Pennsylvania, he was a tailor, he served in Company I, 192nd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment during the Civil War, they moved to Adams County, Illinois by 1870;  Philip Ensminger, born about 1828, married after the 1850 census to Hannah Ella ______ who was born about 1831 in Pennsylvania, he was a tanner, they moved to Carlisle, Cumberland, Pennsylvania, then to Middletown, Dauphin, Pennsylvania;  Samuel S. Ensminger, born about 1829, married after the 1850 census to Hannah Avis Foster who was born about 1835 in Pennsylvania, .

Anna Catharina3 Ensminger, born 13 April 1746(1) and christened [date not given] by Rev. John Casper Stoever (Sponsors: George Wirnss and Ana Catarina Ensminger);  married 21 October 1765 to Samuel Groff/Gross/Grove(2). Known children, born in Newberry:

Susanna4 Groff, born 15 November 1773 and christened 08 May 1774 (Sponsors: Conrad Ensminger and wife)(3).

Margreth4 Groff, born 12 December 1777 and christened 09 April 1778 (Sponsor: Henrich Ensminger)(3).

Probably Johann Georg4 Groff [but he might be the son of Samuel and Elizabeth Gross], born 09 April and christened 16 May 1779 (Sponsors: George Mezger and wife)(3).

Anna Maria4 Groff, born 09 September and christened 29 October 1780 (Sponsors: Philip Walk and wife)(3).

Johann Conrad3 Ensminger, born 21 December 1747(1);  died 12 July 1783 in York County, Pennsylvania;  married to Anna Maria Quickel who was born 07 September 1752 in Lancaster County and died 16 March 1813. He served in the Revolutionary War. 1790 Census: Mary Emsinger, page 275, Newberry, York, Pennsylvania. Children, born in Newberry:

Anna Maria4 Ensminger, born 23 February and christened 21 March 1773 (Sponsors: Joh. Schmit and Barb. Bohners)(3);  married to Andrew Hake.

Anna Catharina4 Ensminger, born 12 February and christened 19 February 1775 (Sponsor: Nicolas Wild)(3).

Michel4 Ensminger, born 16 or 26 October and christened 17 November 1776 (Sponsors: Georg Ensminger and wife)(3);  died young.

Anna Barbara4 Ensminger, twin, born 31 July and christened 09 August 1778 (Sponsors: An. Barbara Quickel and Cath. Ensminger)(3);  died 23 July 1840;  married to Conrad Frey who was born 10 April 1769 and died 1811.

Christina4 Ensminger, twin, born 31 July and christened 09 August 1778 (Sponsors: An. Barbara Quickel and Cath. Ensminger)(3);  married to John Schreiber who died 1817.

Maria Elisabetha4 Ensminger, born 19 January and christened 18 February 1781 (Sponsors: Conrad Klein and wife)(3);  died 25 January 1856;  never married.

Johannes Ensminger, born 22 July and christened 28 July 1782 (Sponsors: Michael Quikel and wife)(3);  died 20 October 1862 in York County;  married 04 November 1810 to Susanna Keller who was born 16 June 1787 and died 21 March 1843. Known children:  Samuel Ensminger, born 09 March 1811, died 09 April 1879, married 24 October 1841 to Catherine Westhafer who was born 08 June 1813 and died 24 February 1890;  Jacob Ensminger, born 02 July 1812, died 27 December 1890, married 28 October 1841 to Susan Miller who was born 21 January 1820 and died 01 May 1899;  John Ensminger, born 10 November 1814, died 09 January 1889, married to Louisa Weiser who was born 07 November 1819 and died 25 October 1877;  Elizabeth Ensminger, born 03 July 1818, died 11 November 1876, never married;  Henry N. Ensminger, born 28 November 1819, died 26 January 1889, married 17 February 1853 to Catherine Leaber who was born 26 September 1826 and died 14 May 1883;  Mary Ensminger, born 20 April 1825, died 15 August 1888.

Susanna4 Ensminger, born about 1784, married to Jacob Newcomer.

Maria Elizabetha3 Ensminger, born 03 November 1749(1);  died young.

Johannes3 Ensminger, born 14 December 1751(1);  died young.

Maria Magdalena3 Ensminger, born 07 May 1754 and christened 02 June 1754 at Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church at York, York, Pennsylvania [recorded as “Aentzmanger”];  married to Johann Philip Walck/Wallick (son of Johann Michael Walck/Wallick and Frederika Esther Schultz) who was christened 27 August 1745 (also at Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church at York). 1790 Census: Philip Wallick, page 275, Monaghan, York, Pennsylvania. 1800 Census: Phillip Wallix, page 506, Bullskin, Fayette, Pennsylvania. 1810 Census: Philip Wallich, 3rd page, Tyrone, Fayette, Pennsylvania. 1820 Census: Philip Wallick, page 171, Posey, Switzerland, Indiana. Known children, born in York County:

Maria Magdalena Wallick, born 26 July 1773;  married to Ebenezer Harbert who was born 25 December 1770 in England. Known children:  Catherine Harbert, born about 1790, married to Thomas Draper who was born 04 May 1788 in Botetourt County, Virginia, they moved to Decatur County, Indiana;  John Harbert, born 25 October 1799, died 1878 in Johnson County, Indiana, married to Elizabeth Cory who was born about 1800.

Henrich4 Wallick, born 08 April and christened 05 July 1778 (Sponsors: Henrich and Christina Ensmenger [presumably the maternal grandparents] )(3);  died 1836 in Grants Creek, Switzerland, Indiana;  married 04 February 1807 in Dearborn (now Switzerland) County, Indiana to Nancy Ann Mounts (daughter of Thomas Mounts and Nancy Ann Crawford) who was born 26 April 1784 in Pennsylvania or Kentucky and died 07 January 1852 in Grants Creek. 1820 Census: Henry Wallick, page 173, Posey, Switzerland, Indiana. 1830 Census: Henry Wallick, page 073, locality not stated, Switzerland, Indiana. 1840 Census: Ann Wollick, page 171, Posey, Switzerland, Indiana. 1850 Census: Ann Wallick, page 441, visit 646/646, Posey, Switzerland, Indiana. Known children, most or all born in Indiana Territory (now Indiana state):  Thomas Mounts Wallick, born 11 September 1811, died 30 November 1868 in Switzerland County, married 23 February 1832 in Switzerland County to Nancy Manerva Sawyer who was born 21 July 1812 in Indiana Territory and died 20 February 1865 in Switzerland County, he was a farmer, 1840 Census: Thomas Wallick, page 171, Posey, Switzerland, Indiana, 1850 Census: Thomas Wallick, page 444, visit 663/663, Posey, Switzerland, Indiana;  Mary Wallick, born 27 March 1813, died 09 May 1895 in Switzerland County, married 30 October 1832 in Switzerland County to Zachariah Scott who was born 21 December 1804 and died 06 August 1875;  Phillip Posey Wallick, born 15 January 1815, died 30 October 1885 in Switzerland County, married 15 March 1845 in Switzerland County to Susan Catherine Frazier who was born 07 June 1827 in Indiana and died 04 January 1895 in Illinois, he was a farmer, 1850 Census: Philip Wollicks, page 444, visit 666/666, Posey, Switzerland, Indiana;  Nancy Wallick, born 06 April 1819, died 27 September 1848 in Switzerland County, married 22 December 1838 in Switzerland County to Samuel Baker;  Sarah Ann Wallick, born about 1821, married 05 February 1845 in Switzerland County to Joseph Horsfall;  Henry Wallick, born about December 1824, died 02 February 1910 in Switzerland County, married 06 February 1854 in Switzerland County to Adelia Palmer who was born about 1825 in Indiana and died about 1908, he was a farmer;  Elizabeth Wallick, born 19 November 1828, died 26 April 1863, married 27 October 1847 in Switzerland County to Samuel Lostutter.

Catharina4 Wallick, born 08 April and christened 29 October 1780 (Sponsor: Georg Ensminger)(3).


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3.        Records of Quickel’s (Zion) Union Church, Dover, York, Pennsylvania

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