Abraham5 Orner (David4, Martin3, Martin2, Ulrich1), born 1771-74 in [possibly Lancaster County or Cumberland (now Juniata) County,] Pennsylvania;  possibly died 1820s;  married to Elizabeth ________ who was born circa 1780-84.

She first appears on the list of members of St. Michael Evangelical Lutheran Church at Pfoutz Valley, Greenwood, Perry, Pennsylvania on 20 October 1805(12).

1800 Census: Abm Orner, page 483, Fermanagh, Mifflin [now Juniata], Pennsylvania.

1830 Census: Elizabeth Orner, page 476, Lewistown, Mifflin, Pennsylvania.

Possibly 1850 Census: Dolly Orner (with Henry Kibe), page 177, visit 125/125, Armagh, Mifflin, Pennsylvania.

Known children:

John6 Orner, born 1800;  died 17 October 1878 in Derry, Mifflin, Pennsylvania (Obituary in Lewistown Gazette);  married 15 April 1832 at Lewistown, Mifflin, Pennsylvania to Lydia Jane Lechner (daughter of Joseph Lechner and Virginia Bruce) who was born about 1813 in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania and died July 1864 at Lewistown. He was a blacksmith.

[From the Ebensburg Democrat and Sentinel, issue of 14 September 1859: “PROCEEDINGS OF COURT. 1st week of September Term, Quarter Sessions. Com’th vs. George Nagle, James N. Nagle, John Orner, John Orner Jr., Porter Orner, and Wm. Nealis. No. 3 Sept. Sessions, 1859. Larceny, True Bill Sept. 6, 1859, nolle proseque to James N. Nagle, and a jury called and sworn, who find George Nagle and John Orner jr. guilty of Larceny, and Wm. Nealis guilty of receiving stolen goods, and John Orner sr. and Porter Orner not guilty. 7th Sept. 1859, motion in arrest of judgement.”]

He received a dependent’s pension, based on the Civil War service of his son John, application filed 17 Apr 186_?. 1840 Census: John Orner, page 244, Martinsburg borough, Bedford, Pennsylvania. 1860 Census: John Orner, page 449, visit 643/640, Summitville, Cambria, Pennsylvania. Known children:

Porter7 Orner, born about 1839;  died 16 March 1916 aged 76 years(9);  married to Sarah _____ who was born about February 1842 in Pennsylvania and died 18 January 1909 aged 66 years(9). He was a railroad conductor.

[From an obituary in the Altoona Tribune, issue of 31 January 1919: “James McGregor…was the last survivor of the crew which was on the freight train that ran away on the mountain, December 20, 1897, and wrecked in front of the Logan house. The crew of the runaway consisted of Conductor Porter Orner, Engineer Fred S. Burket, Fireman William Levitt, Flagman James McGregor and Brakemen C. S. Numer and Stephen D. Corbin. Numer was killed outright.”]

1860 Census: (with father); and Porter Orner, page 521, visit 2031/2054, Taylor, Cambria, Pennsylvania; and 1860 Census: Port Orner, page 034, visit 203/203, Pittsburgh (9th Ward), Allegheny, Pennsylvania. 1870 Census: Porter Orner, page 114, visit 145/152, Altoona (4th Ward), Blair, Pennsylvania. 1880 Census: Porter Orner, page 121, visit 101/110, Altoona (5th Ward), Blair, Pennsylvania. 1900 Census: Porter Orner, page 214, visit 504/510, Altoona (5th Ward), Blair, Pennsylvania. 1910 Census: Porter Orner, page 221, visit 629/730, Altoona (9th Ward), Blair, Pennsylvania. They are buried at Fairview Cemetery at Altoona (Section K, lot 54; no gravestone)[NOTE: both deaths also recorded at First Evangelical Lutheran Church at Altoona]. Children, born at Altoona:

Porter8 Orner, born about 1865;  died 27 November 1925 aged 60 years(9) at Altoona;  married 1889-90 to Flora ______ who was born about Oct 1867 in Bedford County, Pennsylvania and died 13 April 1935(9) at Altoona. He was a mechanic. 1900 Census: Porter Orner, page 230, visit 029/029, Altoona (6th Ward), Blair, Pennsylvania. 1910 Census: Porter Orner, page 221, visit 624/725, Altoona (9th Ward), Blair, Pennsylvania. 1920 Census: Porter Orner, page 295, visit 046/079, Columbus (E.D. 151), Franklin, Ohio. 1930 Census: Flora Orner (widow, inmate in Blair County Home), page 025A, line 46, Allegheny, Blair, Pennsylvania. They are buried at Rosehill Cemetery in Logan, Blair, Pennsylvania (Section N, lot 616). Known children:  William Chester Orner, born 30 September 1891(9)(17), died 17 March 1927 aged 36 years(9) at Hollidaysburg, Blair, Pennsylvania, unmarried, he was a WWI veteran (U.S. Army SN: 3626771), he registered for the Draft at Altoona, he is buried with his parents;  LulA MARGARETTA Orner, born 01 June 1893, died 28 September 1902, buried with paternal grandparents.

William W.8 Orner, born 24 March 1869;  died 26 June 1949 aged 80 years, 03 months, 02 days(9) at Altoona (also Altoona Mirror, issue of 27 June 1949);  married 1897-98 to Lilly May Keirn who was born 20 September 1877 at Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania and died 22 September 1950 aged 73 years, 02 days(9) at Altoona (also Altoona Mirror, issue of 23 September 1950). He was a policeman; later a truant officer. He served as Superintendent of School Buildings for Altoona. 1900 Census: William Orner, page 204, visit 306/310, Altoona (5th Ward), Blair, Pennsylvania. 1910 Census: W. N. Orner, page 236, visit 196/218, Altoona (5th Ward), Blair, Pennsylvania. 1920 Census: William Orner, page 161, visit 283/294, Altoona (5th Ward), Blair, Pennsylvania. 1930 Census: William Orner, page 275, visit 429/429, Altoona (E.D. 17), Blair, Pennsylvania. They are buried at Rosehill Cemetery in Logan, Blair, Pennsylvania (Section N, lot 584/586). Known children:  Anna M. Orner, born about October 1898, died December 1965 (obituary in Altoona Mirror, issue of 06 December 1965), married about 1922 to Robert Swonger who was born about 1887 in Pennsylvania, he was a railcar oiler, he was a WWI veteran, 1930 Census: Robert Swanger, page 275, visit 431/431, Altoona (E.D. 17), Blair, Pennsylvania, no children with them in 1930;  Martha B. Orner, born about 1901, died November 1956 (obituary in Altoona Mirror, issue of 27 November 1956), married to Francis Temple who was born about 1872 in Pennsylvania, her known child Shirley O. Orner was born about 1920, 1930 Census: Francis Temple, page 172, visit 055/061, Altoona (E.D. 25), Blair, Pennsylvania, no other children with them in 1930;  Frances Louise Orner, born 12 December 1908(14) and christened 13 June 1909 (recorded at First Evangelical Lutheran Church at Altoona), died 19 September 1983 at Winter Park Hospital at Orlando, Orange, Florida(14)(also Altoona Mirror, issue of 23 September 1983), married after the 1930 census to Ivan Straw who died 06 June 1977.

John7 Orner, born about 1843;  died 23 June 1864 at Richmond city, Virginia as a prisoner of war. Civil War service: Company G, 10th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment and Company A, 55th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment.

Lydia Jane7 Orner, born about 1845.

Zachariah7 Orner, born 05 July 1847;  died 29 August 1916 at Quincy, Grafton, New Hampshire;  married to Josephine A. _______. Civil War service: Company F, 54th (McKeage’s) Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment, and Knapp’s Independent Battery E, Pennsylvania Light Artillery. He received an invalid pension, application filed 14 February 1901 in New Hampshire. Josephine applied for a widow’s pension, application filed September 1916 in New Hampshire. 1870 Census: Zachara Orner, page 417, visit 094/094, Washington, Cambria, Pennsylvania.

Elizabeth6 Orner, born 04 March and christened 03 May 1801(12);  died 1912(9);  married to Jacob Lotz who was born 22 March 1800 in Pennsylvania and died 23 February 1875(9). He was a hotelkeeper/innkeeper. 1850 Census: Jacob Lotz, page 032, visit 428/477, Harrisburg (West Ward), Dauphin, Pennsylvania. 1860 Census: Jacob Lotz, page 173, visit 562/541, Granville, Mifflin, Pennsylvania. 1870 Census: Jacob Lotz, page 368, visit 128/146, Lewistown (West Ward), Mifflin, Pennsylvania. They are buried at St. Mark’s Episcopal Cemetery at Lewistown. Possible children, both living in Walker, Centre, Pennsylvania in 1850:  George Lotz, born about 1822, married Mary _____;  Jacob Lotz, born about 1824, married Catharine ______.

+    David6 Auner, born about 1804;  married Elizabeth ______;  moved to Annville, Lebanon, Pennsylvania.

+    Wilhelm Robert6 Orner, born 12 December 1806 and christened 09 February 1807(12);  married Matilda Brown.

+    Zachariah6 Orner, born 02 January 1813(9);  married Mary Eckart.

Possibly Anna6 Orner, born about 1815-17;  married to Daniel Ebbs (son of Emanuel Ebbs and Nancy Cannon) who was born about 1808 in Pennsylvania. He was a blacksmith. 1850 Census: Daniel Ebbs, page 103, visit 1281/1301, Harris, Centre, Pennsylvania. 1870 Census: Daniel Ebbs, page 641, visit 310/300, Jackson, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. 1880 Census: Daniel Ebbs, page 070, visit 318/323, Jackson, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. No children living with them in 1850.

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