(Reverend) Martin5 Urner (Jacob4, Jacob3, Martin2, Ulrich1), born 15 January 1813 in Rockingham County, Virginia;  died 06 March 1888 at New Market, Shenandoah, Virginia;  married first 06 March 1837 in Shenandoah County to Barbara Zirkle (daughter of George Zirkle and Barbara Kagey) who was born 23 June 1818 at New Market and died 1845;  married second 07 December 1848 in Page County, Virginia to Susan Rebecca Keyser(I) who was born 29 November 1824 in Shenandoah County, Virginia.

[Susan was the daughter of (Reverend) Christopher Keyser and Ann Brumbach, both born in Virginia. NOTE: (Reverend) Christopher Keyser was descended from Hans Michael Reinhart, who may have been a younger brother of Ulrich Reinhart. Keyser genealogy is on Julie Voyles’ website.]

Martin was a saddler. He served as pastor of the Smith Creek Baptist Church at New Market for about twenty years(I). Biography on page 569, Shenandoah County History(I).

1850 Census: Martin Urner, page 081, visit 1150/1154, 58th District, Shenandoah, Virginia.

1870 Census: Martin Urner, page 735, visit 076/076, Newmarket, Shenandoah, Virginia.

1880 Census: Martin Urner, page 500, visit 001/001, New Market town, Shenandoah, Virginia. [NOTE: His son, Clarence Henry Urner, was the census-taker and did his own family first.  ]

1900 Census: Susan R. Urner (widow), page 223, visit 220/229, New Market town, Shenandoah, Virginia.

1910 Census: Susan R. Urner (widow), page 117, visit 016/016, New Market town, Shenandoah, Virginia.

Children with first wife, born at New Market:

Sarah C.6 Urner, born 07 April 1838;  died 13 May 1864(F);  never married(F). 1860 Census: Sarah C. Urner, page 811, visit 374/421 (patient #1658), Staunton, Augusta, Virginia.

John Osborn6 Urner, born 03 February 1840;  died 16 June 1914 at St. Louis, St. Louis, Missouri (Death Certificate #024428);  married first 01 October 1873 at St. Louis (FHL film #528180) to Josephine Marie Tooley who was born in Ohio and died 17 June 1878 at St. Louis (Book 8, page 288);  married second to Jennie Pauline Jones who was born 27 January 1853 in Tennessee and died 28 January 1913 at St. Louis (Death Certificate #003655). He was a bookkeeper. 1880 Census: John Urner (with W.H. Duff), page 049, visit 079/133, St. Louis (E.D. 105), St. Louis, Missouri. 1900 Census: John O. Urner, page 178, visit 025/042, St. Louis (E.D. 065), St. Louis, Missouri. 1910 Census: John O. Urner, page 114, visit 023/001, St. Louis (E.D. 269), St. Louis, Missouri. Known children with first wife:  Margaret Marie Urner, born 18 June 1876 at St. Louis, 1880 Census: Maggie Urner (niece, with James Collins), page 369, visit 379/394, Litchfield, Montgomery, Illinois;  (Infant), died 16 June 1878 at St. Louis (Book 8, page 288).

(Sergeant) Lewis Harvey6 Urner, born 13 May 1842;  died 24 October 1925 in Vernon County, Missouri (Death Certificate #032066);  married 22 December 1873 in Vernon County, Missouri (FHL film #960810) to Mary C. Samuels (daughter of Charles A. Samuels and Mary Jane Roberts) who was born 16 April 1855 in Kentucky and died 22 June 1925 in Vernon County (Death Certificate #019907). He was a saddler and harness maker; he owned his own shop [Nevada Harness Company]. Civil War Service: Sergeant in Captain W. H. Rice’s Company and in Captain B. Z. Price’s Company, both in Virginia Light Artillery Regiment [both CSA]. 1870 Census: Saml H. Urner, page 513, visit 038/038, Center, Vernon, Missouri. 1880 Census: Lewis H. Urner, page 539, visit 065/069, Nevada town, Vernon, Missouri. 1900 Census: Lewis H. Urner (and family), page 081, visit 184/190, Nevada (4th Ward), Vernon, Missouri; and Lewis H. Urner (married but alone, apparently in hotel), page 157, visit 154?/294?, Kansas City (E.D. 099), Jackson, Missouri. 1910 Census: Louis H. Urner, page 208, visit 151/151, Nevada (4th Ward), Vernon, Missouri. 1920 Census: Lewis H. Urner, page 086, visit 012/012, Nevada (4th Ward), Vernon, Missouri. [They had one other child who died young.] Known children, born in Vernon County:

Mary7 Urner, born 12 April 1875(15)(but gravestone says 11 April(9));  died 03 January 1952(9) in Los Angeles County, California(15);  married 07 September 1904 to (Doctor) Charles Ray Parker(9)(15). She is buried at Newton Burial Park at Nevada.

Lutitia Emily7 Urner, born 22 December 1877;  died May 1948 at Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri (Death Certificate #016422);  married 22 June 1903 to Robert L. Liddel (son of James M. and Sarah A. Liddel) who was born about October 1879 in Missouri and died 05 August 1918. [Info from descendant Gerald Urner Liddel.] He owned a photography studio. 1910 Census: Robert L. Liddell, page 189, visit 320/330, Gallatin (2nd Ward), Daviess, Missouri. 1920 Census: Lutie E. Liddel (widow, with her parents). Known children:  Lewis Urner Liddel, born 03 September 1905(14), died 30 September 1979 at Washington, DC(14);  Ruth Emily Liddel, born about 1912, died March 1931.

Opal7 Urner, born 05 January 1880;  died 26 August 1960;  married 1904-05 to Stanley Edgar Benscoter (son of Joel Edgar Benscoter and Sylvia C. Felt) who was born 08 August 1881(17) in Kansas and died February 1938 at Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri (Death Certificate #005490). He was a mail carrier; later a clerk for the U.S. Post Office(17). 1920 Census: Stanley E. Benscoter, page 188, visit 046/056, Kansas City (E.D. 212), Jackson, Missouri. 1930 Census: S. E. Benscoter, page 030, visit 065/065, Kansas City (E.D. 210), Jackson, Missouri. Known children, born in Missouri:  Stanley Urner Benscoter, born 07 December 1910(15), died 27 May 1956 in Los Angeles County, California(15);  Catherine [Lucy?] Benscoter, born about 1912.

Charles Clarence7 Urner, born 12 February 1883(9)(17);  died 28 May 1955(9) at Columbia, Boone, Missouri (Death Certificate #014648);  married first after the 1910 census to Jane Elizabeth Ewing (daughter of Finis Young Ewing and Anna KATE Philapy) who was born 11 April 1887 in Vernon County and died 12 October 1918 in Vernon County (Death Certificate #037589);  married second to Myrtle Campbell who was born 21 April 1894(14) in Missouri and died December 1973(14) in Lincoln County, Tennessee. He was a harness maker; later he was an automobile dealer(17). 1920 Census: Chas C. Urner (widower, with parents), page 086, visit 012/012, Nevada (4th Ward), Vernon, Missouri. He is buried at Newton Burial Park at Nevada. Known child with second wife:  Anne Urner, born 30 January 1924, died 06 January 1997 at Fayetteville, Lincoln, Tennessee, married to Thomas Edward Bolner who was born 10 November 1924 in Indiana.

Margaret7 Urner, born 16 April and died 15 November 1885(F).

Anthony Samuel7 Urner, born 22 June 1889(14)(but WWI draft registration says 1888(17));  died October 1968 at Nevada, Vernon, Missouri(14);  married 02 April 1910 at Overbrook, Osage, Kansas to Josie Mae McCain (daughter of Hugh H. McCain and Isabelle Ralstin) who was born about August 1884 in Osage County, Kansas. [Info from collateral descendant Lew McCain.] He was a harness maker. 1920 Census: Anthony Urner, page 066, visit 049/056, Nevada (2nd Ward), Vernon, Missouri. 1930 Census: A. S. Urner, page 095, visit 822/484, Nevada (4th Ward), Vernon, Missouri. 1940 Census: Anthony Urner, page 104B, line 53, Nevada (4th Ward), Vernon, Missouri. Known children:  Anthony McCain Urner, born 22 January 1912(14), died 29 July 1966(14), married 27 March 1940 to Viola Frances Vaughn (daughter of Frank Sterling Vaughn and Dexia Asenath Biggs) who was born 15 September 1921(9)(14) at Nevada and died 04 February 2010 at Nevada(9)(14), he was a machinist, they lived in California, she is buried at Newton Burial Park at Nevada, they had at least three children;  Charles E. Urner, born 22 November 1913(14), died 17 April 1992(14), married 14 September 1936 in Coffey County, Kansas (Book J, page 393) to Nadine Frances McAtee (daughter of Crissie Hardin McAtee and Lula May ______) who was born 29 October 1914(14) in Missouri and died 23 May 1995 at Nevada(14);  George W. Urner, born about 1915, he served in the U.S. Army (SN: 37517242) and was killed in action during WWII;  Josie Mae Urner, born about March 1919, she was a WWII veteran (U.S. Army);  Lewis H. Urner, born 16 November 1921(14), died 30 October 2007 at Nevada(14), married to Mabel L. Mowry (daughter of Lewis Earl Mowry and Iva Pearl Tyler) who was born 19 December 1926 in Missouri, he was a WWII veteran (U.S. Army);  Jimmie Lee Urner, born 07 May 1926, married 18 December 1948 in Benton County, Arkansas to Mary Lee Bolles who was born about 1925, he was a WWII veteran (Army SN: 17180099).

Ida R. Urner, born about October 1892.

Emily Susan6 Urner, born 05 January 1845;  never married. 1900 Census: Emily S. Urner (single, with stepmother Susan R. Urner). 1910 Census: Emily S. Urner (single, with stepmother Susan R. Urner). 1920 Census: Emily S. Urner (single), page 196, visit 248/253, New Market town, Shenandoah, Virginia.

Children with second wife, born at New Market:

Anne Floren6 Urner, born 13 June 1851;  died 26 March 1862(F).

Charles Keyser6 Urner, born 01 September 1854;  married first to Addie duBois who was born 19 June 1852 and died before the 1880 census probably at Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, New York;  married second 1881-82 probably at Poughkeepsie to Mary Nancy McDonald who was born 23 September 1857 in Maine. He graduated from Eastman College at Poughkeepsie. He was a teacher; he later founded the Columbia College of Commerce at Washington, DC. 1880 Census: Charles K. Urnes (widower, with Washington Monfort), page 238, visit 138/172, Poughkeepsie (6th Ward), Dutchess, New York. 1900 Census: Chas K Urner, page 217, visit 119/181, Washington (E.D. 082), Washington, District of Columbia. 1910 Census: Charles K. Urner, page 071, visit 098/099, Washington (E.D. 112), Washington, District of Columbia. 1920 Census: Charles K. Urner, page 237, visit 010/015, Washington (E.D. 221), Washington, District of Columbia. Known child with first wife:

Irene7 Urner, born 16 November 1874;  died 1880(F)[apparently before the census] at Poughkeepsie.

Known children with second wife, most born at Washington, DC:

Nina7 Urner, born 05 December 1882 in New York.

Jessie7 Urner, born 04 January 1885 in New York.

Charles Henry Keyser7 Urner, born 19 June 1889(F)(but WWI draft registration says 1887(17)). He registered for the WWI Draft at Washington, DC [unemployed cook; 8 years service as seaman in U.S. Navy; exemption claimed on grounds of Dishonorable Discharge].

Ralph Marion7 Urner, born 16 June 1892(14)(17);  died May 1968 at St. Louis, St. Louis, Missouri(14);  married 1927-28 to Mille ______ who was born about 1882 in Germany. He was a salesman; later he was a waiter for a catering service. He was a WWI veteran; he registered for the Draft at Washington, DC [NOTE: 3 years prior service as a Private in the DC militia]. 1930 Census: Raliph Urner, page 196, visit 268/352A, St. Louis (E.D. 533), St. Louis, Missouri. They probably had no children.

Esper Cecil7 Urner, born 13 July 1895(17);  married 1916-17 to Millicent ______ who was born about 1898 in New Jersey. He was a clerk for American Express. He was a WWI veteran; he registered for the Draft at Rochester, Monroe, New York. 1930 Census: Esper C. Urner, page 105, visit 128/164, East Cleveland (E.D. 601), Cuyahoga, Ohio. Known children, born in Ohio:  (Lieutenant Commander) Donald Muir Urner, born 04 February 1920(9)(14), died 19 April 2003(9) at McLean, Fairfax, Virginia(14), he was a WWII veteran (U.S. Navy), [photo, posted on WWII Memorial website], he is buried at Arlington National Cemetery (Section 67, site 2834) in Arlington, Virginia;  Helen E. Urner, born about 1922.

Clarence Henry6 Urner, born 13 April 1856;  married 13 September 1883 in Shenandoah County to Ella Virginia Manor who was born 23 October 1858 in West Virginia. He was a teacher, later he was the school principal at New Market(I). He was a published poet. He was appointed as First Clerk in the Virginia State Treasurer’s Office in September 1888(I). He served as acting State Treasurer in 1917 and 1918(I). He was serving as Assistant State Treasurer in 1920; as Deputy State Treasurer in 1930. Biography on page 569, Shenandoah County History(I). 1910 Census: C. H. Urner, page 096, visit 126/131, Richmond (E.D. 100), Henrico, Virginia. 1920 Census: Clarence H. Urner, page 046, visit 223/260, Richmond (Clay Ward), Richmond city, Virginia. 1930 Census: Clarence H. Urner, page 080, visit 137/246, Richmond (E.D. 32), Richmond city, Virginia. Known children:  Mary Urner, born 10 June 1885, probably never married;  Ann Urner, born 28 August 1887.

Frances Mary6 Urner, born 14 August 1858;  died 23 February 1862(F).

Margaret Caroline6 Urner, born 15 May 1863;  married about 1897 to Joseph Thomas White (his third marriage) who was born 01 April 1854 in Montgomery County, Maryland. Known children, born in Maryland:  Martin Urner White, born about September 1897, married 27 February 1918 to Julia C. Payne;  Joseph Thomas White, born 28 February and died 14 August 1904;  Marion Edward White, born about 1907, married 01 November 1930 to Gladys Ilyria Walker who was born about 1907.

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