Henrich Urner, born 10 June 1702;  married to Anna Näff who was born 14 January 1694. They left from Unter-Rifferschweil, Zurich, Switzerland to go to “Pennsylvania or Carolina” on 01 April 1744. [NOTE: However, not everybody who left actually made it to America.] Known children, born in Switzerland:  Verena Urner, born 17 December 1730;  Johannes Urner, born 07 August 1735.

Joseph L. Urner [possibly adopted] (nephew of HENRY P.6 URNER), born about June 1871 in Pennsylvania;  married 1894-95 to Anna M. Sibley? who was born about May 1873 in Maryland and apparently died before the 1920 census. 1880 Census: Joseph Aker (with uncle Henry Urner), page 217, visit 001/003, Philadelphia (7th Ward), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 1900 Census: Joseph L. Urner, page 086, visit 103/105, Baltimore (9th Ward), Baltimore, Maryland. 1920 Census: Joseph Urner (widower), page 017, visit 166/180, Baltimore (E.D. 105), Baltimore, Maryland. 1930 Census: Joseph Urner, page 009, visit 034/035, Baltimore (E.D. 079), Baltimore, Maryland. Known children, born in Maryland:

John Joseph Urner, born 27 April 1896 at Baltimore(19);  married first to ________? who apparently died before the 1920 census;  married second after the 1920 census to Clara M. ______ (her second marriage also) who was born about 1892 in Maryland. 1920 Census: (widower, with father). 1930 Census: John Urner, page 197, visit 292/311, Baltimore (E.D. 480), Baltimore, Maryland. He worked for the State of Maryland’s Tidewater Fisheries Department(19). He was a WWI veteran. His known child:  Ruth M. Urner, born about 1920.

Catherine Urner, born about March 1898.

Ralph Sherburne Urner, born 19 August 1893(17) in Pennsylvania. He was a machinist. He registered for the WWI Draft at Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania. 1920 Census: Ralph Urner (with uncle George H. Alker), page 082, visit 283/341, Norristown (4th Ward), Montgomery, Pennsylvania.

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